It Cosmetics: Confidence In Your Glow

It Cosmetics is known for their good for your skin makeup products. They do everything from foundation to eyeshadows to skin care. If you are looking for a product, chances are they have it. I first fell in love with the It Cosmetics Confidence in a Compact. Since then, I have also fallen in love with their CC+ Cream. When I first saw their take on the neapolitan face palette, I knew I had to have one. Originally, I bought the Instant Natural Glow. But, I recently won the entire collection, including the special brush, from Serein Wu. So, I just want to give a big shoutout to her! She is an amazing Youtuber and blogger. You can check her out here.

Here is the description of the products according to the It Cosmetics website, “from the sensorial experience of the fresh orange scent to the powerful vitamin C-infused radiance-boosting and brightening formula, Confidence in Your Glow™ transforms the look of your complexion with high-performance, anti-aging ingredients and talc-free, ultra-luxe pigments. Combined with proprietary Drops of Light Technology™, your skin will feel instantly softer and smoother with a younger, airbrushed appearance! Developed with plastic surgeons and perfect for all skin types and tones, this compact is truly your one-step wonder for your most beautiful-looking skin.” There are three different shades in this collection as well as the Heavenly Skin One-Sweep Wonder Brush #705.

The first, and lightest, of the compacts is Instant Nude Glow. The website describes this product as being perfect for achieving “the softest, sheerest naturally pretty glow.” I would describe the highlight as a light champagne color. The blush is a nice peachy pink and the bronzer is a soft warm bronze.

The only palette that I bought myself was the Instant Natural Glow. This compact is perfect “for a natural rosy kiss of radiance and natural boost of warmth.” The highlighter here is a little more pink tones. The blush is definitely rosey with a light, more cool toned bronzer.

Finally, we have Instant Warm Glow. On their website, it is described as “your richest shade of bronzer for the deepest color payoff, with a gorgeous peachy-pink flush for your brightening radiance.” This really says it all. The blush is a brighter pink with a darker bronzer and the highlight is a cream color.

The It Cosmetics brushes are unique because they are infused with skin care ingredients. The hair of the brushes are “infused with anti-aging collagen, silk, peptides, niacin and antioxidants.” The Heavenly Skin One-Sweep Wonder Brush #705 was made specifically to go with these palettes. You are supposed to be able to sweep the brush across the palette, from bronzer to highlight, and then sweep the brush across your cheeks back towards the hairline.

While this method does work, it is not my favorite. It is fast and looks pretty on the cheeks, but it does not work to well for bronzing the face. In actuality, I best like the brush for applying the bronzer by itself. It is so soft and blends the product like a dream. After applying the bronzer, I will go back in with other brushed to apply the blush and highlight.

Overall, I really love these products. They are pigmented, creamy and easy  to blend. You only have to barely touch your brush to pick up product. Just make sure to use lightly as the product does have some kick up. On the It Cosmetics website, each palette retails for $32 and the brush for $48. At those prices, I definitely think the palettes are worth it, but the brush is not necessary. However, if you head over to the QVC site, you can get a palette and brush combo for only $35.92. 

Which palette is your favorite? Mine has to be the Instant Nude Glow.

Xoxo Sammie

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Jaclyn Hill Morphe Palette

This palette. Let me tell you, it’s crazy. It’s been so hyped and beauty lovers all over the world have been waiting months to get their hands on it. The launch party was huge and the YouTube reviews are numerous. It was so in demand that it sold out in just 45 minutes. It will be coming back (date tbd) but I was able to get my hands on it. I’ve been using it for over a week now and I fell that I have a pretty good idea of how all the shades blend and perform.

Just a quick note about the packaging. It is a white cardboard as opposed to the typical black plastic Morphe is known for. While it looks nice in the pictures, I am not the biggest fan. I would prefer to have a sturdier packaging. That being said, it is pretty to look at.

Now, here are all the swatches starting with the top row and working left to right. I found that each shade swatches really well. I barely touched my finger to the pan and only swiped across my arm once. They felt so smooth and soft. The only exception is a few of the shimmer and metallic shades. They feel a little more gritty when they are swatched. It isn’t too bad though and they still look beautiful. 

There are so many shades in the palette, the looks you can create are limitless. I love the options for a colorful smokey eye using the reds, blue, green or purple. There are also so many neutrals and warm tones. Here are some of the looks I’ve created over the last week, just to give you an idea.

While each shade has a name, it is not printed on the box. There was supposed to be a small card that had all the shades and names but one was not included in my package. The palette retails for $38 on the Morphe website and you can use Jaclyn’s affiliate code (JacAttack) to save some money.

Overall, I’m really impressed. I went back and forth on wether I would get this palette or not because I did not like how it was hyped and advertised. That being said, I am so happy I decided to get it. The colors are beautiful and the formula is perfect. I honestly see myself using this palette for a very long time. 

Have you picked this palette up yet or are you planning to?

Xoxo Sammie

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