KL Polish: Summer ’17

I love painting my nails. Ever since middle school, it has become something that I enjoy. I even use to do my own nail art. Many times, while painting my nails, I get sucked into watching YouTube. This is where I first came across Kathleen Lights. I fell in love with her bubbly, down to earth personality and her amazing makeup skills. When she first released her own nail polish brand, KL Polish, last fall I was so intrigued. So far, all three of her collections have been beautiful. But, I am so particular about my nail polish and was a little hesitant to purchase them online. However, I finally decided to bite the bullet and picked up her whole summer collection for 2017.

This collection includes 6 bright, creme finish polishes that are perfect for summer. Each formula is 5-free and cruelty free as well as being made in the USA. Right now, polishes cannot be shipped by plane, so they are only available in the USA and Canada. This collection is inspired by Kathleen’s home of Miami, Florida.

Here are the first five colors, starting with my thumb. The first color is Magic City which is described as a “poppy red shade will make your nails hot like the summer heat.” I was able to achieve full opacity with 2 thin layers.

On my pointer finger I am wearing MIA. KL Polish describes it as “not your normal hot pink” as it has blue undertones. I really enjoy this color, but it is not as glossy and it took 3 thin layers to make it fully opaque.

The next color, on my middle finger, is South Peach. It is described a “creamy peach” shade and would look beautiful on all skin tones. It is the perfect summer nude, in my opinion. While this shade was beautifully glossy, it did take 3 coats to have it be opaque.

On my ring finger is 305. This is definitely a statement shade and is described as a “true chartreuse.” While this color may not be everyone’s cup of tea, I find it so pretty and very unique. It is bright, bold and a beautiful mix of yellow and great. Again, this took 3 coats to achieve the desired color.

Finally, I have Ocean Drive on my pinkie. This has to be one of my favorite colors because it reminds me of mermaids. KL Polish describes it as “shimmery teal.” It is so beautiful and only took 2 coats. However, without a base coat it did stain my nail.

The final color is Porter Miami. This color is described as a “wearable cobalt blue.” This color reminds me of blue jeans and summer skies. It is so pretty and only took 2 coats.

Honestly, I am very impressed with all of the shades. After taking the initial swatch photos, I decided to continue to wear them all to see how long they would last before chipping. Without any base or top coat, they lasted a full 5 days before showing any major wear. For me, this is basically unheard of. The only other time I have seen such great results is with the Essie Gel Couture polishes. I am so happy for Kathleen and very impressed with these polishes. I will definitely be getting future collections.

What is your favorite nail color?

Xoxo Sammie

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3 Steps To Naturally Long, Strong Nails

I have always loved painting my nails. In high school I would often spend Sunday night creating fun nail art for the coming school week. I absolutely loved it, except I could never get my nails to grow out long and strong. My nails would chip, crack and flake. It was terrible! Even worse, I would spend hours creating nail artwork just to have it be ruined when my nails broke a couple days later. Eventually, I stopped painting my nails altogether.

Fast forward a few years into college and I started alternating between acrylic and gel manicures. I loved having long beautiful nails. That is, until it was time to take the manicures off. Acrylic and gel manicures left my nails weak, thin and brittle.

After many years of searching, I finally found the secret to achieving naturally long strong nails. The best part? It is a quick, easy and inexpensive.

First, we all know this, but you should drink lots of water. Now, you don’t have to drink a gallon a day, but you should really push yourself to drink a minimum of 8 glasses (64 ounces) a day. It will not only help your nails but also your skin and hair. Overall, it’s just a really good habit to get into.

Second, you need some good ole fashion vitamins. I always use to think that vitamins were kind of pointless. I mean how can something make such a big difference? The truth, it has completely changed my nails. All you need is a hair, skin and nails vitamin. I am currently using this one from Sam’s Club, but any brand will do.

My third, and final, step I use to achieve naturally long, strong nails is the CND Rescue Rxx Treatment. Guys, this stuff is amazing! I found this while looking for a product to save my nails after the last time I had acrylics. I really love it because I know about most of the ingrediants in it: Sweet Almond Oil, Jojoba Seed Oil, Water, Alcohol, Keratin and Perfume. The only ingredient I was not familiar with was Sorbitan Oleate. A quick look at EWG.org informed me it is a low risk product that helps to mix the oils and water together.

I like to paint this on my nails once or twice a week when I think about it, or just as needed. All you have to do it paint it on and let it sit while watching an episode of Scandal. I definitely noticed a difference after only a week of use. I can’t recommend this product enough.

Thanks to these three products, my nails have never been better! I no longer have to spend tons of money at the nail salon and my nails stay almost effortlessly long and strong. I’ve also noticed that when my nails are healthy, nail polish lasts longer.

Other tips to keep your nails happy are to use a good moisturizer daily. I really enjoy First Aid Beauty and Cetaphil lotions. Also, use a nail file to shorten your nails instead of just cutting them. Make sure to file lightly and only in one direction instead of back and forth. Finally, be gentle. When typing, use the pads of your fingers instead of the tips. This will help from putting excessive pressure on the nail tip.

That’s all for today lovelies! I hope you find this helpful! Are there any nail products or polishes that you are loving right now?

See you Friday!


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