My love of travel came about when I was young. My parents use to take us all over the country on road trips. Now, I love to travel the world and find fun experiences everywhere I do. These are my travel diaries, guides to different places and reviews of events.

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    Malyasia: Penang

    For part three of our Malaysian honeymoon, we traveled north east to the little island town of George Town, Penang. If you missed my other posts, you can check them here: Kuala Lumpur, Cameron Highlands Saturday, January 7, 2017: Today we had breakfast at the hotel again. We had the morning to ourselves, so spent time out on the patio looking at the wedding pictures our photographer sent us. Our driver picked us up around 1pm and we started the long drive to Penang. It was similar to our drive from Kuala Lumpur and we stopped at another rest stop where we had corn, dragon fruit and papaya. They really…

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    Malaysia: Cameron Highlands

    To celebrate our first year of marriage, my husband and I embarked on a trip with Goway to Malaysia. The first two days of our trip were spent in the capital, Kuala Lumpur. You can read all about it here. The next part of our trip took us 4 hours north to Cameron Highlands. Thursday, January 5, 2017: This morning we left Kuala Lumpur around 8:30 to drive north to Cameron Highlands. Even though it was a 4-5 hour trip, it seemed to pass quickly since our guide stopped at a few points of interest. Our first stop was at Batu Caves just outside Kuala Lumpur. The caves were amazing!…

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    Malaysia: Kuala Lumpur

    I have always been fascinated with the idea of traveling the world. Lucky for me, my husband shares the same passion. So, we decided for our one year wedding anniversary we would take a belated honeymoon somewhere. We weren’t sure where we wanted to go and took to Pinterest for ideas. It didn’t take long before we had decided we wanted to go somewhere in Asia. If you didn’t know, we live in the US and I have a US passport while my husband has a Lebanese passport. While looking online, we found that we both could go to Malaysia without visas. A little more research proved that it was…

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    Art of Ice Cream Experience

    My husband and I love to try new things. We are huge on traveling and finding unusual experiences. When my mom asked what we wanted for Christmas, I wasn’t really sure. That is until an ad popped up on my Facebook for the Art of Ice Cream Experience in Scottsdale. I have been dying to visit The Museum of Ice Cream but it is impossible to get tickets. I know they aren’t affiliated, but I figured this would be as close as I would get. Basically, The Art of Ice Cream is a large art exhibit containing 8 different ice cream themed rooms. They are interactive and offer plenty of…