KVD Saint & Sinner Eyeshadow Palette

I have been a fan of Kat Von D for as long as I can remember. I grew up watching her tattoo on tv and was always mesmerized by her process and talent. When she came out with her makeup brand, I was so intrigued because of her unique style. Since then, her eye shadow formulas have become one of my favorites. Each palette is so unique and she always manages to come out with interest colors, cool names and new ideas.

When I first saw the teasers for her holiday release, I couldn’t wait. I knew it was going to be beautiful but trust me, it is even more stunning in person.


“Experience divine dimension with three fearless finishes: electrifying metallics, velvety mattes, and shimmering pearls, plus two new special effect glimmer shades. Rightfully placed at the peak of the palette, these transformative super-glimmer shades amp up any eye look with prismatic micro-pearls that catch the light with every movement. Each cushiony shade is blendable and buildable. Kat Von D’s signature high-performance, long-wear eyeshadow formula creates next-level eye looks that deliver major impact. Whether you’re feeling saintly, sultry, or a little of both, you’re sure to find endless inspiration within this show-stopping palette of epic proportions. ”

Within the Saint & Sinner eyeshadow palette, there are 12 Saint and 12 Sinner shades. They can be mixed and matched to create a huge variety of looks. Most of the shades are are a shimmer, metallic or pearlescent formulas but there are 7 true mattes. The colors range from black to neon green with a little of everything in between.

T (3)

Here are some swatches of the palette. Keep in mind, these are all finger swatches. There is no powder or primer base and no use of water or a setting spray.


T (4).png

For this look, I started out with Amen as a base and in the crease. Then I went a little lower in the crease with Crucifix. To create a smokier look, I mixed a little bit of Crucifix and Sabbath for the inner and outer corner, as well as the lower lashline. For the actual halo, I used Vestment on the center of the lid and center of my lower lashline. The look was finished with a littler Heaven in the inner corner.


I was inspired by this look created by Kristen Leanne. I started with  Baptism as my base. For the crease, I went in with Martyr followed by Crucifix to darken the outer corner. I also used these on the lower lashline. For the lid, I used Worship as a base and went over that with Rapture and a little glitter glue. I also took a little bit of Worship on the inner 2/3 of my lower lashline. The look is finished with Exodus on the inner corner.


I wanted to go for something a little more day time. I used Amen as my base and went in with Martyr in the crease and on the outer corner. I also went very lightly with Crucifix to darken the outer v a little more. On the lid and lower lashline, I used Chalice.I finished the look with a little Relic on the inner corner.



Finally, I knew I needed a sunset eye. With Amen as my base, I took Martyr and Devil in the crease. For the outer v  and lower lashline, I used Crucifix. I took Rosary on my lid and on inner half of my lower lashline. Finally, I used Sacred Heart as my inner corner highlight.
T (2)

Overall, I really love this palette. I think it is absolutely perfect for people who love to experiment with bold looks or like to incorporate pops of color. That being said, for most people it is not going to be an everyday or stand alone palette. For the looks above, I did only use shades within the palette and I was happy with how they turned out. However, I find that  I like to mix this palette with mattes from my Tarte Clay Play or KVD Pastel Goth Palette.

Almost every shade is the palette was fantastic. What I will say is that Sabbath is not the blackest black, but it can be built up. Also, the top two shades, Absolution and Rapture, are glitter shadow toppers. These do best when applied over a glitter glue. All of the other shimmer or metallics shades I was able to apply with my finger or a damp, flat shadow brush.

Overall, I am in love with this palette. Kat killed it again. If you’re interested, you better hurry. This is a limited edition holiday release.

Do you like to play with color? Will you be picking up this beauty?

Xoxo Sammie


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5 Monthly Favorites: March ’17

Sometimes it’s not about buying tons of new products, but rather falling back in love with things you already own. It seems like March was a month of rediscovery for me, both for me personally and my makeup bag. 

Things got tough this last month. I was feeling pressured between work and school. I was also my husband’s major support as he finished his PhD. I was feeling like the world was my weight to carry. Thankfully, it seems like everything is starting to make a turn for the better. If you’re having a tough time, just remember that things get better and don’t give up.

Now that you’re caught up on my life, let’s get to my March Favorites!

I will start with the only new product this month. I have been loving this KVD Beauty Pastel Goth eye shadow palette! The colors are fun and very pigmented. They are also so easy to work with. The pastels are so much fun for spring and are actually a lot more wearable than you may think. If you would like more info and swatches, you can see my review here.

Though this color may be new to me, I am very familiar with the formula. I am obsessed with the new Gel Coutoure nail polishes by Essie. I only need two coats of polish followed by the top coat and my nails remain unchipped for at least 7 days! Amazing right? So far I have this beautiful sage green, a deep red and a nude pink, but I will definitely be picking up more colors in the future. 10/10 would recommend.

This is an oldie but a goodie: the Tarte Color Wheel. It comes with 10 different shades of their Amazonian Clay blushes with a mix of mattes and shimmers. I am obsessed! I love this for traveling because it is compact with sturdy packaging and it gives me a ton of options with minimal space. I purchased this at the last VIB sale and love it. It doesn’t seem that this particular one is available, but I love these blushes and definitely would pick up another compact if they decide to release one with other shades.

Here is a product that I haven’t discussed on my blog before. It is the Makeup Revolution baked vivid highlight in Golden Lights. This formula is so smooth and pigmented. I get a ton of shine, but can also go in with a lighter hand for something more natural. This has been my go to this month for my cheek bones and to highlight the inner corners of my eyes.

My final favorite for this month is my Beauty Bakerie Lip Whip in Louvre Palace. I just did a full review on these and I love them! They stay all day and are comfortable to wear. I love this color on me because it is my perfect, every day peachy nude.

I am so excited to see what the month of April has in store! What products have you been loving? Are there any new launches you are looking forward to in April?

Xoxo Sammie

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Review: KVD Pastel Goth Palette

Guys, it finally happened. A few days ago, I got the notification I’d been waiting for: the KVD Pastel Goth Palette was in stock again. Thank God for smartphones and the Sephora app. Sometimes, I can’t remember my life without my phone by my side. Being thankful for the notification, I quickly purchased the palette before it disappeared again. 

A couple weeks ago I reviewed the Lorac Pro I Love Brunch Palette. I was so excited for the pastel colors but I found them to be poorly pigmented and it took far too much effort to get each shade to work. So, unfortunately, I decided to return it. However, I couldn’t let go of my desire for spring and pastel colors. 

Fast forward to today and I am happy to say I’ve found another palette to satisfy my lust for pastels.

The Kat Von D Pastel Goth palette is something new for the brand, and I’m loving the change. The artwork is in Kat’s signature style with matte black packaging and tattoo inspired artwork.

There are eight shades included. I was a little nervous when I opened the palette because I don’t know about you, but those colors do not look pastel.

However, the colors swatch beautifully. They are pigmented and smooth. Most importantly, they give the pastel vibe I have been searching for. Just for comparison, here are swatches from the Lorac palette and the KVD palette side by side. Both of these swatches were done without primer. What a difference in pigmentation, right?

Now, although this palette is beautiful, it is not really a stand alone palette. That being said, you can create some beautiful looks.

I really loved this soft, sunset inspired look. I used meow in the crease, clementine on the outer third of my eye, star on the lid and skull as my brow bone highlight. 

I think this palette is really great and a lot of fun! I highly recommend it if you are looking for some fun new colors for spring. It is great for creating soft looks, fun winged liner or adding a pop of color on the lid or lower lash line. Overall, I am so much happier with this palette than the Lorac one. The color, quality and packaging are all superb.

Hope your hump day is going well! Until Friday,

Xoxo Sammie
Update: I would just like to touch on the controversy that happened earlier this week with Kat and KVD Beauty. If you’ve been on social media, you will probably have seen this picture posted by Kat. Unfortunately, she seems to have gotten a lot of backlash for posting the picture. People have been saying that it’s just a dupe and she shouldn’t be upset etc. Before getting upset, I highly recommend watching this video from Kat. I don’t want to get into specifics, but I will say that I love KVD Beauty. I highly respect her and her line and I think that the work she does is amazing. I think we all should try to open our minds before jumping to conclusion or attacking others. 

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