Malyasia: Penang

For part three of our Malaysian honeymoon, we traveled north east to the little island town of George Town, Penang. If you missed my other posts, you can check them here: Kuala Lumpur, Cameron Highlands

Saturday, January 7, 2017:

Today we had breakfast at the hotel again. We had the morning to ourselves, so spent time out on the patio looking at the wedding pictures our photographer sent us. Our driver picked us up around 1pm and we started the long drive to Penang. It was similar to our drive from Kuala Lumpur and we stopped at another rest stop where we had corn, dragon fruit and papaya. They really have the most wonderful fruit here. We made it to our hotel on the beach around 6 pm, dropped our luggage and headed out to find something for dinner.

Hotel on the Beach

We ended up eating at a “Lebanese” place where we had a variety of grilled meats, rice, hummus, tabbouleh and fries. After, we spent the evening wandering through the night market. It is filled with at least a hundred different booths selling everything from massages and henna to counterfeit fashions and accessories. We got a handmade button for my sister-in-law with her portrait drawn on it and I got my first henna tattoo! It is so beautiful, I’m obsessed. I am so excited for tomorrow when we will do our round island tour and spend some time in George Town. This island reminds me a little of San Diego, CA but even more beautiful. We will have the same guide tomorrow which is good because he is nice, funny and doesn’t feel the need to continuously talk. 

Sunday, January 8, 2017:

Today was our round island tour with Dave. We started at an old fishing village just outside the nation park. From there we visited another batik factory where we got to see all the steps from wax painting and stamping to adding the color.

Then we stopped at a fruit and spice farm shop. It has been in the family for two generations and the family that owns it is so nice. I learned that nutmeg fruit is like a hallucinogenic drug but that the oil is great for joint pain. We also got to try cocoa fruit, which looked kind of like a caterpillar but tasted so good! We even go to try a new drink which was black currant and aloe. From there we went to the Snake Temple. It is a Taoist temple that has trees inside and is filled with pit vipers! The snakes are fairly docile but it was still kinda scary. Behind the temple there is a snake farm. Here we got to pet the biggest boa constrictor that I have ever seen and watch the handler taunt a King Cobra.

After the tour, our guide was nice enough to drop us off in George Town at the Upside Down Museum. It was incredible! Each room has a different theme where all the furniture and props are mounted on the ceiling. As you walk from room to room, there are people to take your picture and you end up with pictures that look like you are dancing on the ceiling. After the museum, we walked through little India and stopped at a cat cafe. We used their WiFi to call an Uber to take us back to our hotel.

I’m not sure how, but my husband managed to talk me into getting a fish pedicure. Let me just say, if your feet at ticklish then stay far away. Luckily, the “pedicure” included an amazing 30 minute massage. In the evening, we walked down to Palm Beach for street food. We had some kebabs, watermelon and guava juice, and fried pancakes- one chocolate/banana and one ham/cheese. We walked back through the night market again before going back to the hotel. I can’t believe tomorrow we head to our last destination, Langkawi!


Penang was such as beautiful and diverse city. There was a little something for everyone. I wish we could have spent one more day there, so that we could explore George Town a little more. Also, if we ever went back, I would make sure to stay closer to Batu Ferringhi Beach instead of on the other side of the island. At this beach there is a lot of water sports, activities and tourism. Although, it was super nice to have the night market right outside our hotel. I would love to come back here one day!

Check back next week to see our final leg of our honeymoon tour in Langkawi!