Malaysia: Cameron Highlands

To celebrate our first year of marriage, my husband and I embarked on a trip with Goway to Malaysia. The first two days of our trip were spent in the capital, Kuala Lumpur. You can read all about it here. The next part of our trip took us 4 hours north to Cameron Highlands.

Thursday, January 5, 2017:

This morning we left Kuala Lumpur around 8:30 to drive north to Cameron Highlands. Even though it was a 4-5 hour trip, it seemed to pass quickly since our guide stopped at a few points of interest. Our first stop was at Batu Caves just outside Kuala Lumpur. The caves were amazing! There you will find a Hindu temple and it is truly an amazing site.

After the caves we drove a while more until we came to a rest stop on the side of the highway. Here was had corn in a cup, frozen tiramisu, coffee and fresh mango. After eating we traveled further towards the mountains. At the base of the mountains we met with some local women who showed us how they weave baskets to carry fruit down from the forests. As we headed up the mountain, we stopped at a waterfall and our guide told us about the “original people” who lived on the land which acted like a reserve. Soon enough, we came upon a hut where our guide stopped and we got to meet the men who lived there. They live a very simple life there but are able to hunt and gather most of what they need. They even showed us how to shoot a poison dart gun that they use to hunt small animals.

It wasn’t long after that we finally came to our hotel, The Lakehouse. It is a small British style cottage that has 18 rooms. It is so peaceful and pretty, but there isn’t much to do and no wifi in the rooms. At 3pm we had complimentary tea and pastries. It was beyond cute! The only way to truly describe this place and all of it’s charm is precious. We decided to stay in because the nearest town in a 35RM taxi one way. We ordered room service and figured this was the perfect opportunity to catch up on some sleep. We have a full day tour tomorrow and there isn’t a lot to do anyway.

Friday, January 6, 2017:

This hotel is so fancy! We started our morning with espresso in our room and then headed down for breakfast in the hotel restaurant. I had eggs benedict and Mike had the country style breakfast. There was also a large table full of fruit, yogurt, jams and bread. Our tour guide arrived at 9 and he was so nice! We started our tour with a drive up to the top of Mount Batu Brinchang which, at 6,667 feet, is the highest peak in the highlands. We were so high that we were surrounded by clouds. Then, we climbed up an old watch tower which gave us a clear view of both states since the state line runs down the center of the mountain. Our guide took us on a short hike through the “Mossy Forest.” I seriously felt like Tarzan and Jane in the jungle. It was perfect and eerily beautiful.

After the hike, we drove down the mountain and stopped at the Boh Tea Plantation. Here we got to walk through the tea trees and see how the tea is harvested and processed. After our tour, we had tea and split both a strawberry and a coconut tart. After the plantation, we ventured to a butterfly garden and it was so stunning. There were so many flowers and we got to hold butterflies, snakes, a millipede and a giant beetle!

Next was a stop at a strawberry farm where we had a strawberry milkshake and a chocolate strawberry cheesecake. Fun fact, the highlands are famous for their strawberries and they make the most amazing strawberry jam. Then, we got a chance to walk the the small local market and pick up more fruit for later. Our final stop was at a Buddhist temple. The attention to detail was amazing! The temple was truly breath taking. 

Before heading back to The Lakehouse, we had a “light” lunch of tomato and cucumber sandwiches, fries, chicken, apples and tea at the Strawberry Park Resort. Our guide dropped us at the hotel where we took some time to relax. We had dinner at the hotel restaurant; chicken curry for Mike and ginger beef for me. It was great. Overall, we are so happy and impressed. All of our guides have been so amazing, knowledgeable and funny. Tomorrow we head to Penang and I can’t wait to see the coast.

Cameron Highlands was so beautiful and had a truly magical quality to it. The Lakehouse resort was so quaint and peaceful. I loved the antique quality and historical significance of it all. However, if we ever went back I would probably stay at the Strawberry Park Resort instead. I only say that because it had more to do and was closer to town. The Lakehouse was beautiful, but not the best place for people who like to stay active and explore.

Check back soon to see the third leg of our trip in Penang!


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Kathleen Lights x Colourpop

I am a huge fan of Kathleen Lights. I mean, how could you not like her? She is so sweet, kind, funny and down to earth. She has stayed so genuine and authentic. Honestly, she is one of the few YouTube beauty gurus that I feel I can trust 100%. When I first saw her newest collab with Colourpop, I thought it was stunning! I actually held off on buying it for awhile. Of course, once I saw everyone using it, I caved. I purchased both the Dream St palette and the Dream Team lip bundle.

If you are not familiar with Colourpop, they have collaborated with Kathleen Lights several times. They are known for offering quality products that are cruelty free, on trend and very affordable.

the products

The product I was most excited to try from the Kathleen Light x Colourpop collab is the Dream St eyeshadow palette ($16). This palette contains 12 shades with a mix of matte, satin and metallic shades.

Colors: Shooting Star (matte), Magical (matte), Star Dust (metallic), Twinkle (metallic), Sweet Dreams (metallic), Water Bearer (matte), Potion (matte), Spark (matte), Kaleidoscope (metallic), Elfish (matte), Moony (satin), and Mermaid Boy (metallic).

What I was most drawn to in this pallet was the interesting mix of colors. I loved that there was a true coral (Spark), a gold and silver (Sweet Dreams and Kaleidoscope), and two beautiful teals (Water Bearer and Mermaid Boy). Beyond that, it looked like there were a good mix of transition, highlight and lid shades.

The second half of the Kathleen Lights x Colourpop collab is the Dream Team lip trio ($16). Colourpop has a TON of different lip formulas ranging from glossy to satin to ultra matte. This bundle contains one ultra glossy lip and one ultra satin lip.

The ultra glossy lip is in the shade Moon Child ($6). This gloss is really smooth and not sticky. Moon Child is a pinky nude with very tiny flecks of gold glitter. It is fairly pigmented and looks beautiful on its own or over the top of a liner or lipstick.

The first ultra satin is in the shade Dreamy ($6.50). Dreamy is a peachy pink and is a really pretty neutral color. The other ultra satin lip, Rêver ($6.50), is a neon orange red. Both shades are really beautiful and would be perfect for spring and summer. They are comfortable to wear and, while not transfer proof, they do last a good amount of time. My only problem with the ultra satin lips is that they seems a little patchy to me. However, these would be perfect layered over a matching lip liner.

The Looks

As with every eyeshadow palette review, I wanted to create a few different looks using only the shadows in the palette.

For this first look, I really wanted to keep things simple. I started with Shooting Star as my transition shade. Next, I went in with Spark all over my lid and blended into the crease as well as on my lower lash line. Then, I put a little Elfish on the outer corner of both the lid and lower lash line. Finally, I put Stardust on the inner corner.

I wanted this next look to be all about the teal. I used Shooting Star for my transition shade followed by Water Bearer in the outer half of the crease. After everything was blended, I packed Water Bearer on the outer third of my lid, making sure to blend any edges. Next, I packed on Kaleidoscope on the inner half of my lid and used Mermaid Boy to blend the silver and teal together. I mirrored the same shades on the lower lash line followed by Moony and Kaleidoscope on the inner corner.

I love a halo eye. They are just so fun and pretty. I used a Spark as my transition shade and on the lower lash line but went back in with Magical to blend it out. Next, I packed Water Bearer all over the lid and smoked out the lower lash line. Make sure to blend any edges. Take some of your favorite concealer, and add to the center of the lip and lash line to create a halo. Top the concealer with Twinkle on both the lid and lash line. I then used a little Mermaid boy to blend Twinkle and Water Bearer followed by Moony on the inner corner.

final thoughts

Of the two products in the Kathleen Lights x Colourpop dream collection, I highly recommend the Dream St eyeshadow palette ($16). The colors are beautiful, blend well and are perfect for spring. I think this palette has all the shades you would need for a complete look and is small enough to travel with.

As for the lip products, they were all good. Personally, I will wear Moon Child Ultra Glossy Lip ($6) the most. The other two are really pretty, but definitely need a lip liner base in my opinion. Plus, I am not sure how much use I will get out of a neon orange red lippie.

Want to get $5 off of your next Colourpop order? Just follow this link 🙂

Which of these products speak to you? Will you be picking any up?


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Malaysia: Kuala Lumpur

I have always been fascinated with the idea of traveling the world. Lucky for me, my husband shares the same passion. So, we decided for our one year wedding anniversary we would take a belated honeymoon somewhere. We weren’t sure where we wanted to go and took to Pinterest for ideas. It didn’t take long before we had decided we wanted to go somewhere in Asia. If you didn’t know, we live in the US and I have a US passport while my husband has a Lebanese passport. While looking online, we found that we both could go to Malaysia without visas. A little more research proved that it was an affordable destination and we found an amazing itinerary with Goway travel. We didn’t know anything about the country, but we were ready for a new adventure.

The first stop on our two week vacation was in Kuala Lumpur, the capital. I made sure to keep a journal for our trip so I wouldn’t forget anything and managed to write a new entry everyday.

Tuesday, January 3, 2017:

Today we arrived in Kuala Lumpur! It took over 24 hours to get here, but I am so excited. The airport wasn’t too bad and we made it through customs pretty quickly. The only surprise was when I had to use the restroom. They did not have a western style toilet in the restroom I went to. Instead, it was a hole in the ground that you had to squat over. Talk about culture shock! After collecting our bags, we were picked up at the airport by a driver from Asia Overland. From the airport, it was about an hour drive to The Renaissance hotel in the city center. Our room is on the 20th floor and has a beautiful view of the Petronas Towers. After showering, we took an Uber to the “food district” which was only a few blocks away. We walked around a little while before settling on an Indian bar where we had cheese naan, tikka butter marsala chicken and paneer. It was pretty good and I wish I had written down the bar name. As we navigated back to the hotel, we stopped to pick up some shwarma to take back to the hotel and ended up splitting a banana mango milk shake. Just before we made it back, it began to pour. Luckily, the city has a network of covered walk ways. Back in our room, we decided to take it easy and call it an early night so that we will be rested for our city tour tomorrow.

Later: The towers look ever prettier all lit up at night! Another storm came through and it was amazing to watch the lightening  strike the towers.

Wednesday, January 4, 2017: 

Today we started with breakfast at the hotel and the buffet was huge! We were pretty hungry since we both woke up around 3am. After breakfast we went up stairs to get ready before leaving on our city tour at 9:45. The tour was amazing! We went to a chocolate and coffee tasting, batik factory, the Petronas Towers, the Palace, a few museums, Freedom Square, and more! Our guide was great and so knowledgeable. The most interesting thing is that there are 9 royal families. Every 5 years they switch who is the sultan or “king of kings.” The sultan does not rule, as it is the Prime Minister who handles most of the politics.

After our tour, we had a buffet lunch at Atmosphere 360. It is a rotating restaurant so that you get to see an entire 360 view of the city while you eat. The food was good, but it is all about the view. On our way back to the hotel, we decided to skip the mall at the Petronas Towers and just relax. We laid by the pool and had a couple of Pina Coladas. We went back to our room for a nap which led to going to bed at 7:30. Jet lag is the worst! Tomorrow we will have breakfast and head north to Cameron Highlands.

That was our first two days in Malaysia! Kuala Lumpur is an amazing and diverse city with a blend of Indian, Malaysian and Chinese cultures. The history of the country is so interesting and different from anywhere I have ever been. The people were beyond friendly and the food was so good! I wish we could have stayed longer to really get to explore more. If you visit, I definitely recommend giving yourself at least two or three fulls days in the city. There are so many parks, museums, clubs and restaurants to visit. It would definitely be worth the stay

Check out the second leg of our tour through Cameron Highlands


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Winter Skin Care

Winter is a time of boots, scarves, snuggles by the fire place, and snowflake kisses. Being in the midst of the winter months means that businesses are cranking up the heat to try and keep the winter chill outdoors. Unfortunately for me, centralized heat means desert dry skin.

Winter SkinCare Routine

With the lack of moisture outside and the heat running inside, it is so important to make sure to moisturize your skin. Since I stopped taking isotrentinoin, I would say that my skin has been more normal than dry. However, that has definitely changed again. At the beginning of December I started to notice dry patches and my makeup was looking really cakey. I started going through all of the products I had and I have been able to nail down the perfect winter skin care routine.

T (3)

I am careful to wash my skin really well in the evening (full routine below). Because of that, my morning winter skin care regime is pretty quick.

THIRSTYCLEANSE™ Daily Hydrating Cleanser

I start with the GlamGlow Thirsty Cleanse hydrating cleanser  ($19). This cleanser will “gently & effectively rinse away make-up, dirt & impurities while moisturizing your skin.” It leaves my skin feeling clean and fresh without feeling too tight or stripped.

Image result for garnier moisture rescue

In the morning, I like to use a moisturizer that hydrates but is light enough to layer makeup on top. I have been using the Garnier SkinActive Moisture Rescue Refreshing Gel-Cream ($9) and love it! It hydrates without making me oily or causing my makeup to breakup.

Image result for neutrogena gel eyeImage result for origins ginzing eye cream

The final morning product is a good eye cream. Currently, I have three that I like to switch between. My most used is the Neutrogena Hydro Boost Eye Gel-Cream ($20). This one is perfect for daily use and works great under makeup. When I need help covering my dark circles, I use the Origins GinZing Refreshing Eye Cream ($31) because it has a nice illuminosity. If my under eyes are extra dry, I will use the It Cosmetics Bye Bye Under Eye Eye Cream ($48). This one is expensive, but the sample size I have has lasted me forever since a little goes a long way.

T (4)

The first step in the evening it removing makeup. Honestly, I usually just use pure olive oil to break down all of my makeup. Olive oil also acts as a cleanser by helping pull out dirt and debris from your pores.

After I feel that my makeup and mascara has broken down, I cleanse away the olive oil with the Clarisonic Refreshing Gel Cleanser ($19). This bottle lasts forever! A little goes a long way and it really to cleanse my skin even when I use it without my Clarisonic.

At night, I like to use the same moisturizer as in the morning. After the Garnier Gel-Cream, I usually use the It Cosmetics Bye Bye Under Eye Cream. The biggest difference from my morning regime is that right before bed, I apply the Origins Overnight Mask ($27). This stuff is amazing and makes such a HUGE difference. I just apply a dime sized amount all over my face, lids and under eyes. In the morning just rinse off any excess and you have fresh, hydrated skin.

Image result for carmex lip balmImage result for aquaphor lip balm

The very final step to banish dry winter skin is good lip care. During the day, I make sure to drink water consistently. If I do this, I usually do not need to apply a lip balm through the day. Every night before bed, I apply a generous layer of Aquaphor or Carmex. When I wake up, my lips always feel so soft!

This winter skin care routine has really saved my skin! As long as I stick to it, I find that my skin stays soft and hydrated. Even so, I can’t wait for the warm, sunny days of summer to be back.

What are some of your favorite winter skin care products??


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Boxycharm: January 2018

Its the last day of January, so what better way to finish the first month of 2018 than with a Boxycharm review! I seriously can’t believe that January is already over. It seems like it was just yesterday I was finishing my finals and getting ready for Christmas and now I’m back in school getting ready to take some midterms. Though it was a little late this month, my Boxycharm arrived at the perfect time. I was definitely in need of a little boost to get me through the month.

If you aren’t familiar with Boxycharm, it is a monthly makeup subscription box. For just $21 a month you receive 5 full sized products. Honestly, you can’t beat that! You can check out how to sign up here.

The products

This month we received TWO palettes, a primer, eyebrow pencil, and liquid lipstick.

The first palette is the Crown Pro Glam Metals Eyeshadow Palette ($29). This palette has 9 shimmer/metallics and two mattes.

Overall, this palette is okay. Would I ever spend $29 on it? Not a chance. But I am happy to have it. The shimmers are pretty and a few are rather unique to what I already have in my collection. The mattes are really terrible. They are not pigmented at all. The palette is super cute and I will continue to use the shimmers on the lid, inner corner and lower lashline.

The second palette we received is the PUR Bronze & Brighten Cheek Palette ($34). This palette contains an Afterglow highlighter, Mineral Glow bronzer, and a new blush in the shade Blushing Glow.

All three of these products are super pigmented! Also, they all contain shimmer. The being said, I think this is a really great, versatile palette. All three shades are super creamy and would be beautiful on the eyes. I also really love using these on the face, just make sure to use a less-dense, fluffy brush. Considering I can use this on the face and eyes, I think this is a great palette for any girl on the go.

Guys, I was SO EXCITED when I say this primer in my box! I have heard so many people rave about the regular one, I couldn’t wait to try the Dr. Brandt Pores No More Luminizer Primer ($38). When putting this on the skin, it felt hydrating and sunk in without leaving a weird film. I noticed my pores looked smaller and I was definitely luminous. My foundation applied beautifully. The only thing I noticed was my foundation breaking up really badly after a few hours. I’m not sure if it was the primer or something else. I will keep trying it with other foundations and update later.

From It Cosmetics, we received the Brow Power Universal Eyebrow Pencil ($24). The tip on the pencil isn’t super fine, but for me that is okay. I only have a few places I like to fill in, so I do not need anything too precise. My only problem with this product is it only comes in one shade, “universal taupe.” While this shade may work for most light skin tones, I have a feeling it would look really ashy on medium to deep skin tones.

The final item in the box was a Girlactik Matte Lip Paint in Posh ($23). I have never tried anything from Girlactik and was excited to give this a shot.

The color was really pretty, but nothing overly exciting. The formula went on smoothly and pigmented. It dried down after a couple minutes and was transfer proof. This lasted through me drinking coffee and eating. It only started to fade after I ate some greasy Mexican food. It was really comfortable to wear, though it did make my lips look a little dry. I would be open to purchasing more colors if they ever had a good sale.

final thoughts

We received three HUGE brand name products this month from PUR Cosmetics, It Cosmetics and Dr. Brandt. Overall, this month’s box had a total retail value of $148. To me, it was totally worth it! I love Boxycharm because you get to try so many brand name products for an incredible price.

What product were you most excited for this month?


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Tarte Clay Play Palette

When traveling, I am pretty good at keeping my clothing, shoes and accessories to a minimum. Where my real problem is when I go to pack up my makeup. I start off thinking that I will not need much and end up with two makeup bags, a brush bag and a few random items shoved in my purse. Because of that, I am always looking for the perfect all-in-one product to help cut down on the number of items I “need” to bring with me. That’s what I was looking for when I picked up the Tarte Clay Play palette.

“Define & contour your features with this universal ‘power sculpting’ palette – like shape-wear for your face! Sculpt your eyes, brows, nose & complexion with 12 essential shades: nine neutral-to-smoky matte shadows with buildable color, and three sculpting face powders contour a variety of skin tones. Each microfine powder blends to a natural, long wearing finish minus the harsh lines. The secret’s in the clay: it helps balance & replenish skin so you get the most even payoff without creasing, caking, or flaking. #slaywithclay” -Ulta Beauty

The product

The Tarte Clay Play palette is full of everyday neutral matte shades. There are 9 smaller pans that can be used as eye shadows and 3 matte face powders to use to bronze and contour.

While all of the shades are matte neutrals, there is a wide variety of tones. For me, Sand is the perfect all over base shade while Solstice is perfect as a matte brow bone highlight. I use Instinct, Dunes, Journey and Stone as my transition shades for neutral and cool toned looks. Ember is perfect when I am going for a warmer look while Onyx works great to deepen the outer-v to create a smokey look. I also use Smoke to fill in my brows.

Image result for tarte clay play swathes
Swatches from

As for the face powders, I have found that I like to use all three. I will go in lightly with a big fluffy brush and Timber to bronze up my face. Then, I will use Terracotta to contour my cheeks and jaw line. I like to finish with Desert to deepen my contour a little more, but closer to the hairline.

final thoughts

My final thoughts? I am really in love with this palette. I have had it for about two months now and I use it every single day. While it isn’t a stand alone palette for me, I love it as a companion palette. I like to pair this with palettes that lack transition shades, such as the KVD Saint & SinnerHuda Beauty Desert Dusk and Natasha Denona Aeris palettes. What makes this palette so great to travel with is that it has any matte/neutral eyeshadow I could need, a brow powder and my bronzer and contour shades. So it is basically 4 products in one. The powders are pigmented and all blend beautifully and, I have to say, Tarte makes my favorite black shadow. I HIGHLY recommend this, especially if you travel a lot or need a multipurpose palette.

What is your go to palette for traveling?


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Art of Ice Cream Experience

My husband and I love to try new things. We are huge on traveling and finding unusual experiences. When my mom asked what we wanted for Christmas, I wasn’t really sure. That is until an ad popped up on my Facebook for the Art of Ice Cream Experience in Scottsdale. I have been dying to visit The Museum of Ice Cream but it is impossible to get tickets. I know they aren’t affiliated, but I figured this would be as close as I would get.

T (4)

Basically, The Art of Ice Cream is a large art exhibit containing 8 different ice cream themed rooms. They are interactive and offer plenty of fun photo ops. There are also different ice cream treats. Before you enter The Freezer, there are chocolate bonbons. They were delicious!

As you enter the various rooms, you will be offered Otter Pops, mini milkshakes and and an ice cream cone or cup of your choice. As you leave there is also a giant bowl of candy.

Beyond the edible treats, there are some interactive areas as well. You can swim in a ball pit, box in the ice cream ring or play for the Phoenix Sundaes. I won’t spoil the whole thing for you, but here are a few more pictures.

T (5)

Tickets run $25 a piece and can be purchased directly from the website here. When you purchase your tickets you will just pick a date and time you want to go and it looks like the exhibit runs through the 9th of March. I have tried to find discount tickets but have yet to come across any.

Honestly, while it was fun, I do not think this event is for everyone. I think the people who would enjoy this the most, for the price, are bloggers or people just wanting to take unique pictures. For those who just want to look at the exhibits and eat sweet treats, it is a little over priced. However, if you can find discount tickets for $10-$15 a piece then I think it would be worth it.

What do you think, will you be giving this event a try?

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BoxyCharm December 2017

I cannot believe that 2017 is almost over! It feels like it was just yesterday that we were all making new year resolutions and talking about what a good year it would be. Personally, it was a pretty good year. Know who also had a pretty great year? BoxyCharm. Their boxes have continued to get better and better! I have been seriously so surprised by the products we have been receiving, all for only $21 a month.

If you have never heard of BoxyCharm, it is a monthly makeup subscription box. For $21 each month, you will receive 5 FULL SIZED makeup items. Even better, they usually include at least one prestige brand, such as Tarte. You can learn more and sign up here.

T (3)

The first products that I noticed were the RealHer blush trio and Crown blush brush.

We have received previous Crown brushes and I have to say, I usually like them. While I do like this Crown Pro Blush brush, I will not be using it for blush. It is really soft and blends product well but I just think it is too dense to be used for blush. I ended up going back in with my regular blush brush to soften the look. I do think this brush could work well for contour. This brush retails for $12.

The RealHer Blush Kit includes three different blushes; Fearless (pink), Limitless (peach), and Unstoppable (peachy bronze nude). While these might look a little intimidating in the pan, they are really beautiful on. They each have a luminous finish but no apparent glitter. They blend beautifully and are not too pigmented. I really like mixing Limitless and Unstoppable. This palette retails for $32 on the RealHer site but you can get a 20% off coupon by signing up for their emails.

If you have been visiting my blog for a while now, you probably know I am a big fan of color correctors. Usually, I use a green one to combat my redness but I have been thinking about picking up a peach toned one for my dark circles. The Bellápierre Pro Concealer Palette contains three color correctors in green, lavender and orange. Sadly, I was not a huge fan of this palette. The product is too stiff and thick to blend properly and the orange is too dark for me to use. If you are looking for a good color corrector, I highly recommend the Color Correcting Liquid Concealer from Ulta.

I am a sucker for pretty packaging. When Pretty Vulgar was first released at Sephora, I was captivated. I loved the feminine vintage feel of their packaging. I was so excited when I saw the Pretty Vulgar My Lips Are Sealed Liquid Lipstick in Secret Sabotage in my box. It is a nude color with a metallic finish. This is truly a liquefied lipstick in the sense that it is not matte and will not dry down to be transfer proof. My favorite way to wear this is as a gloss or lip topper. If you put this just in the center of your lips, it looks so pretty. These retail for $24 and come in 8 shades.

I was shocked to see this final product; the Tarte Tarteist Lash Paint Mascara. I am a HUGE fan of Tarte mascaras. Previously, my favorite was the Lights, Camera, Splashes Mascara. However, this one might take it’s place. It really defines my lashes and gives me the volume I love while making them very black. It does not flake or smudge unless water is introduced. These retail for $23 but are currently on sale for $10 at Ulta Beauty.

T (2)

I mean, what can I say? BoxyCharm knocked it out of the park again. I really enjoyed all of these products, with the exception of the color correcting palette. While some of the items are over priced (I’m looking at you, RealHer blush palette) for only $21, this box is well worth it!

Have you tried any of these products before? What do you think? Let me know in the comments below!

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Tarte Holiday 2018

I’ve said it before and I will say it again, I love Tarte Cosmetics. I can’t think of a product from them that I have tried that I didn’t like. I especially love their blushes and the Hybrid Gel Foundation. One thing that I enjoy about the holidays are all the cosmetic releases. So many brands release value packs for discount rates, it makes it hard to decide what to pick up. Tarte is one of those brands, but they go above and beyond. They have so many great releases and exclusives for every beauty supplier. What really caught my eye were the Lip Luxuries Deluxe Lip Sculptor Set, Limited Edition Box Set and the Limited-Edition Tartiest Lip Bling Top Coat.


I am a huge fan of the Tarte Lip Sculptors! They are a lipstick and gloss duo that is perfect for traveling.

I know that matte lips have been all the rage, but I definitely need something more moisturizing, especially while I was on Isotretinoin. These are the perfect product. They are creamy and pigmented. They stay put without the need of a lip liner and make your lips look luscious.

Normally, one of these is $24 but in this set you get 5 travel sizes for $29. If you are the type of person who likes to wear a different lip color each day, this is the perfect set for you. Or, if there are only a couple color you would wear you can always break apart the pack and give the extras to others.

T (1)

I travel a lot and I love it. One problem that I have is that I have a tendency to over pack especially when it comes to my makeup. When I first saw this set at Ulta, I thought it would be the perfect set to travel with. It includes 25 eye shadows, two blushes, highlighter, bronzer, matte lip paint, glossy lip paint, sex kitten liner and tarteist mascara.


I used every shadow in the palette and I was fairly impressed. The only shades I did not like were bangle and treasured. Otherwise, I used the shadows in every row to create a look to demonstrate the palette diversity.


I really enjoyed the blushes and highlight. They were smooth and blended well. The only powder product I did not like was the bronzer because I think it is too light for most skin tones.

As I said earlier, I enjoy a glossy lip. This set included a mini of both the matte and glossy lip paints. They were not patchy and were comfortable to wear. I like to top the matte lip with the glossy lip when it starts to get too dry.

Overall, this little box has been great to travel with. I took it with me to Punta Cana and it had every thing I needed for a complete look. Sadly, this one was an Ulta exclusive and is no longer available. However you can pick up a similar one from Sephora or Macy’s.

T (2)

Lip toppers have been huge the last few months. It seems like every company is coming out with one. Personally, I have stayed away from them. I really dislike glosses that have sparkle in them because they have a tendency to feel gritty.

This topper is different. It is fairly sheer and has very fine gold and pink/purple glitter. It makes my lips look so juicy without being sticky or feeling gritty. It also doesn’t upset the liquid lip I wear underneath. I think this will be so pretty in the spring and summer or topped over a holiday red for a festive look.

T (2)

What can I say, Tarte killed it again! I really like all of these product. The only things I was not a huge fan of were the Sex Kitten Liner and the bronzer. Other than that, every thing works so well. If you can only get one thing, I recommend the lip sculptor set. New to makeup or travel often? Definitely give the palette a try.

What product do you like most?

Xoxo Sammie

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Natasha Denona Holiday 2018: Aeris

I feel like Natasha Denona eye shadow palettes are the Porsche of the beauty world. They are stunning, high quality and way beyond most peoples’ price range. When the Lila Pallet was first released, I wanted it so bad. Luckily, I found the the Huda Beauty Desert Dusk palette satisfied my need for purple shades. However, since the first press photo of the Aeris pallet, I couldn’t get it out of my head. I have to be honest, it was mostly the blue shade. Luckily, the Sephora VIB sale came around and the palette was in stock at my local store.

T (3)

This is a five pan palette and is said to consist of “metallics, mattes, duo-chromes and sparkling chroma crystals.”

To me, I see only three formulas. Burnt Terracotta is a matte while Ice Blue, Red Bronze and Nude are metallics. The final shade, Peach Bronze, is a sheer glitter and I believe it is considered a chroma crystal. All of these were swatched dry with no base or primer.

T (4)

When I review palettes, I try to make looks using only the shades that are in the palette. All of these looks were created only using a mix of the five shades in the Aeris palette.

I LOVE this look! I started with Burnt Terracotta in the crease. I went in lightly at first and built it up lower in the crease. I went in with a tiny flat brush and Red Bronze on the outer two thirds. On the inner one third, I laid down NYX glitter primer and topped that with Peach Bronze. I took Ice Blue on a pencil brush and took it all across the lower lash line. For the inner corner, I wanted to brighten things up with a little Nude.

For this look, I wanted something more daytime but still glam. The best part? It is SO EASY to replicate. I started with Burnt Terracotta lightly in the cease and then packed all over the lid. I also smoked it on the lower lash line. I took a little concealer and blended it on the center of my lid. Then, I topped that with Nude and blended the edges with Burnt Terracotta. I added more Nude on the inner corner and the center of the lower lash line. Add some winged liner and you’re done!

As I mentioned, I am in love with Ice Blue and I wanted to use it in a different way. I took Burnt Terracotta and fluffed it all over the lid and blended into the crease. I applied NYX Glitter Primer on the inner two thirds of the lid and topped it with Peach Bronze. For the lower lash line I used Burnt Terracotta and added more Peach Bronze to the inner third. The look is finished with Ice Blue on the inner corner.

This final look I wanted something festive for a holiday party. I look Burnt Terracotta lightly in the crease, outer corner and on the lower lash line. I used my KVD Tattoo Liner to create a wing and topped it with NYX Glitter Primer. I then took Red Bronze to create a metallic red wing. I finished with Nude on the inner corner. This look is beautiful with a red or nude lip.T (2)I really enjoy the colors in this palette. That being said, it isn’t really a stand alone palette. There is only one matte, so you are limited there. Luckily, the colors all work well together.

The one matte shade is beautiful. It is smooth, blendable, and buildable. It works great as a transition and to create a warm smokey look. Nude and Red Bronze are beautiful metallic shades. They apply best with a damp flat brush or with your finger. Ice Blue is a little more sheer and needs to be built up a bit. I definitely prefer to use my finger or a small, stiff brush with the blue. The final shade is Peach Bronze. At first this shade was disappointing because it was so sheer. However, now that I know how to use it, I like it. It works best topped over another shadow. Also, you will want to use a tacky base and your finger to get the most opaque application. I love using it on the inner corner, lid and lower lash line.

Do you own anything from Natasha Denona?

Xoxo Sammie

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