Full Face Glitter Challenge

I fell in love with this challenge this first time I saw a picture on @katieelizabethbutt on instagram. More recently I saw videos of NikkiTutorials and Laura Lee on instagram. I was so nervous to try because of how harsh getting the glitter off can be for your skin. But then I saw a video on instagram on @itsmuaashley doing a silver glitter mermaid look and I was inspired. Why not apply hair gel and then put the glitter on top? It would dry and hold in place but then the water should rinse it away without and scrubbing, right? So I decided to give it a shot.

I used rose gold on the face, black for brows and eye liner, brown for contour and outer corner of eyes, antique gold for the lid, silver for highlighting cheeks brow bone and inner corner of the eyes, hot pink for blush and red for the lips. Overall, I had a lot of fun and everything applied easily! Though I will say, it’s strange not being able to blend anything. As for washing it all off, the gel base worked like a dream! I just got into a warm shower and it all rinsed away within a couple of minutes. 

You should definitely give this one a try, who doesn’t want to be coated in glitter?