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Review: Moda Prismatic Oval Brushes

One thing you will learn pretty soon after meeting me is that I love mermaids. In fact, I’m positive that I secretly am one. Besides being a mermaid, another fact people learn about me soon after we meet is that I love a good deal. I love a bargain so much, sometimes it makes it hard to splurge on more expensive things. 

I ran into this problem a few months ago when I was looking into purchasing a Artis Oval 7 brush. I couldn’t believe people actually paid $62 for one brush. How could it possibly be worth it? Well, I managed to find a sale and a coupon code that brought it down to about $45, which seemed reasonable compared to the original $62. And you know what? That brush is most definitely worth it. I fell in love the first day I tried it and never once regretted my purchase. Though, I’ve since wondered if it would be possible to find a good dupe. Then, one day, I found these beauties.

I picked up the Moda Prismatic Oval Brushes at my local Walmart for just under $20. My first though was that even if they were terrible, they gave me georgous mermaid vibes and I loved them.

The brushes are 100% vegan and came in four different sizes. They are labeled using numbers 801 (the largest) through 804 (the smallest).

The first brush is the 801 full face brush. This is the one that I find is the most similar to my Artis Oval 7. This brush is actually larger than my oval 7.

Now, I really liked this brush. It applies my foundation smoothly and evenly with minimal tugging. I personally think it is prettier that my Artis brush. It does seem to soak up more product and cause more tugging on my skin.

The 801 is the only brush I can truly compare to Artis. So my opinions on the other brushes are based strictly on how they performed and not how they compare.

The next brush would be the 802, which is the second largest oval brush. I thought this would be prefect for concealer. However, it worked horribly. It would pick up the product and redeposit it. I was left with terribly patchy and streaking under eyes. That being said, it worked great for applying powder under my eyes. It also worked well for color correcting larger areas.

The 803 is the smaller of the oval brushes. I liked this brush for applying my eye primer. It is also great for getting into smaller areas.

The smallest brush is the 801 round. This is a very small brush and if perfect for precision work. I like to use it to cleanup my lips and brows, precision color correcting and for blending in the sides on my nose which is usually hard to reach. It would also be great for nose contouring and applying lip product.

Overall, I was impressed. I really enjoyed the large 801 brush and the smallest 804 brush. The two middle brushes were ok, but I don’t think they are essential. My only complaints are that the handles are fairly flexible, so be gentle, and the brushes are hard to clean. I find it is easiest to spot clean and to use a foam cleanser such as the Artis Brush Cleansing Foam. You can clean them like a regular brush, but they take forever to dry since they are so dense.

Bottom line: are these exact dupes for the Artis brushes? No, they are not. However, they are soft, beautiful and work very well. I think these are a quality option and definitely worth the price!

Have you tried the Artis brushes or other oval brushes? Let my know in the comments below.

See you Friday!

Xoxo Sammie