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Review: Lorac I Love Brunch Palette

I love spring. The weather is perfect and not too hot and trust me, I live in Arizona so I know what hot is. Along with perfect weather, everything seems to come alive again. Flowers bloom and the world is full of color. So, when I first laid eyes on the new Lorac Pro Pallete: I Love Brunch, I knew I had to have it. I was hypnotized by the pastels and started dreaming of all the watercolor inspired looks I could create. So I ordered it that night.

I love brunch palette
The packaging is beautiful, a white holographic base with beautiful gold and pink writing. Also included in the box are a double ended brush, which is actually pretty good, and a sample of the Behind The Scenes Primer.

There are 16 shades. The color rage is beautiful with one exception: there are no transition shades. So unfortunately, you will need another palette to create a complete look.

I love brunch swatches
Another down side to this palette is the color payoff. I understand that the colors are supposed to be pastel, but to me that means lighter colors not sheer pigmentation. That being said, layered on top of a white primer, the colors popped much more. In the image above, no primer is on the left (sorry I somehow didn’t swatch Valet) and the shadows with a white primer are on the right. 

Here are a couple looks I created.

Lorac Brunch pastel look

The first was inspired by a watercolor painting. I really love this look, I just wish the colors popped more. I only used shadows in this palette and did not use any transition shade. Instead I just blended each shade into the crease. 

Lorac Brunch pastel look
This second look reminds me of mint chocolate chip ice cream. Again, I just wish the colors had more pop. For this look, I did add in the brown colors on the Smashbox Covershot Matte palette for transition and crease shades.

Overall, I like this palette, it is so pretty. That being said, I don’t think it is necessary to run out and buy it. I think it would be possible to make this palette work with white primer, water, fix plus or maybe a mixing medium. But, for most people, the amount of work you need to put into getting the look you want may just not be worth it.

What are you lusting after this spring? 

Xoxo Sammie

Update: it’s been about two weeks and I did decide to return the palette. I decided it was too much work to get the colors to pop and stay all day. I have purchased another pastel palette and hope to review it soon.