Spring 2018 Swimwear

Can you believe it is already spring? I feel like it was just yesterday that we were counting down to midnight and making our New Year’s resolutions. With spring comes spring break. To me, spring break and summer means lounging by the pool, heading to the beach or days spend at music festivals. It also means it is time for some cute, new swimwear. So, I scoured the internet and put together a list of all my favorite swimwear for each price point. I also wanted to include cute cover ups, a list for us more curvy gals and my fave accessories as well.

under 30

Spring 2018 Swimwear under $30:

A: One Piece ($30)     B: Top ($19) Bottom ($16)     C: One Piece ($30)     D: Top ($25) Bottom ($25)     E: Mulitway One Piece ($23)     F: Top ($25) Bottom ($35)     G: One Piece ($23)     H: Bikini Set ($23)     I: One Piece ($20)     J: Top ($25) Bottom ($25)

under 60

Spring 2018 Swimwear under $60:

A: One Piece ($35)     B: One Piece ($55)     C: One Piece ($50)     D: One Piece ($43)     E: One Piece ($50)     F: Top ($40) Bottom ($26)     G: One Piece ($50)     H: One Piece ($35)     I: One Piece ($50)     J: One Piece ($43)

Plus Size 2

Spring 2018 Swimwear for Curvy Gals:

A: Top ($22) Bottom ($20)     B: Bikini Set ($38)     C: One Piece ($34)     D: Bikini Set ($40)     E: One Piece ($70)     F: One Piece ($62)     G: One Piece ($30)     H: One Piece ($35)


Spring 2018 Swimwear Cover ups:

A: Black Romper ($29)     B: Tropical Wrap ($23)     C: Polka Dot Romper ($45)     D: Stripped Jumpsuit ($35)     E: Maxi Dress ($50)     F: Blue Dress ($54)     G: Black Dress ($27)     H: Tank Dress ($18)


Spring 2018 Swimwear Accessories

A: Black Sandals ($23)     B: Heart Aviators ($16)     C: Holiday Tote ($51)     D: Tassel Cross Body ($54)     E: Bow Sandals ($20)     F: Cat Eye Sunglasses ($17)     G: Frayed Straw Hat ($15)     H: Belt Saddle Bag ($30)     I: Vacay Baseball Cap ($10)     J: Stripped Straw Hat ($13)

These are all of my spring 2018 swimwear picks! I am seriously looking forward to warm weather and soaking up some sun.

What are you most looking forward this spring?