Boxycharm: August 2018

I am part of a really cool group on Facebook called Boxycharm Beauties. Here, you can buy, sell and trade items you receive in your box. But, the best part has to be that the CEO is a member of the group and frequently gives us sneak peaks. So, when I heard that we would be getting a palette from Tarte, I was so excited!

If you are unfamiliar with Boxycharm, it is a monthly suscriptiom box. You pay $21 a month and receive at least 5 full sized beauty products. This month I received:  falsies, gel eye liner, face paint, 3 brush set and an eyeshadow palette.

The first thing that everyone received is a pair of false eyelashes from PÜR. There were two different styles that you could receive. I received the style Diva and they retail for $14. I personally do not wear false eyelashes but will be saving these to put into a future giveaway.

The next product everyone received was a set of three Pro makeup brushes from Royal and Langenickle. These brushes are so nice! They have a good weight to them and they are comfortable to hold. They are also super soft. The crease brush is fantastic because it comes to a nice point for more precise application. The tapered blush brush is also great for contour. The only brush I wasn’t a fan of was the chisel brush, though it could be good for undereye concealer or baking. You can find more information on the brushes here, they will be released for sale this fall.

The final universally received product is the Rainforest of the Sea Volume 2 palette by Tarte. This eyeshadow palette comes in a beautiful compact with mirror and retails for $36.

This is a really great everyday palette. It has 3 shimmer shades and the rest are satin mattes. They claim that you don’t need primer or a brush with this palette and I find that to be true. The formula is really fantastic. While you can use your finger for application, I prefer a brush if I want to have a more precise application.

Now is where the products can differ from box to box. I was needing a new black liner, so I was excited when I received the Waterproof Gel Eyeliner by Bellapierre which retails for $15. It came to a very fine point which turned out to not be a great thing as it was too sharp to use on my waterline. After I wore it down a bit, it worked better. However, I’m still not a fan. It is not black enough and it tugs when you use it. I don’t foresee myself using this much in the future.

The final product I received is the Aloette Face Paint in Pink a Boo which retails for $35. This cream pigment is great for cheeks and lips. The color is buildable and you only need the tiniest bit. I really like this for a sheer wash of color and for every day looks.

Here is a picture of me wearing all of the products. This month’s box was really great! I loved all of the products with the exception of the eyeliner and chisel brush. I’ve seen some spoilers for the rest of the year, and they are going to be awesome. If you aren’t signed up yet, I highly suggest you do it soon.

What were your go to products this month?

Xoxo Sammie

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Ciate Glitter Flip Liquid Lipsticks

It may only be August, but I already have the holidays on my mind. I am that crazy person who has their apartment decorated from Halloween all the way through New Years. Its crazy, I am already seeing Halloween and Christmas decorations in the stores. So when I first heard about the new Ciate Glitter Flip Liquid Lipsticks, I was intrigued. I mean who doesn’t want to rock a quick, easy, long lasting glitter lip for the holidays? Well, they have launched and they are even better than I expected. Happy #hallowthanksmas.

The Ciate Glitter Flips are currently available at Sephora and retail for $19 a piece. There are six colors, all swatched above. From left to right: Infamous, Fortune, Iconic, Forbidden, Siren, Hollywood and Candy. When they are first applied, they look like a slightly metallic matte. The magic happens after they dry.

After prepping your lips, apply one coat to lips without pressing them together. Allow the lipstick to dry for 2 minutes. When the 2 minutes is up, press your lips together and be ready for some magic. The glitter will become more apparent the more you press your lips together.

I picked up the colors Hollywood (in the video above) and Infamous. I am really in love with both of these colors. The formula dries down all of the way and is transfer proof. That being said, they are also comfortable to wear. They are long wearing and you can always add a balm on top if your lips are feeling a tad dry. They are also very pigmented and I was able to do my lips in one swipe. The applicator is great for getting a precise lip line, however a lip liner would be beneficial for the darker shades.

Not only are these colors festive for the holidays, but they are so fun for festivals or a girls night out. The glitter does not fall all over the place and is much quicker to apply than a regular glitter lip. Pick Hollywood or Candy for a classic look with a little sparkle or go with Siren or Iconic for something a little more trendy and edgy. No matter what color you choose, you will have a look that won’t soon be forgotten.

What are some of your favorite Holiday trends?

Xoxo Sammie

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Wet n Wild: Midnight Mermaid

I have been obsessed with mermaids ever since I was a little girl. I can remember spending summers in our pool with my cousin playing mermaid and trying to swim like we had tails. When I first heard that Wet n Wild was releasing a mermaid collection, I knew I had to have it.

The collection has 12 items total: 4 MegaLast Metallic Liquid Catsuit Lipsticks, 4 Color Icon Metallic Liquid Eyeshadows, 3 MegaLiner Metallic Liners, and one Mermaid Highlighting Bar. The collection is limited edition and can be purchased online at Wet n Wild and Ulta as well as instore at CVS and Walgreens.

The first products are the metallic liquid lipsticks. Wet n Wild first came out with their Catsuit Liquid Lipsticks early this year. I have a full review of them here. These are part of the same line except they are a metallic matte and in more trendy colors. The first is Coral Crown which is a burnt orange metallic. Next is Harbor A Crush which is a burgundy red metallic. It is also the only shade that is not vegan. Next are the really trendy colors. Siren’s Jewel is a metallic emerald green color and Sea Seduction is a dark blue metallic. All of these shades are really beautiful and comfortable to wear. They are very pigmented and were not streaky or patchy. While the red and orange are the most wearable, I can definitely see myself wearing the blue on a girls night out. The only this is that they do slightly transfer.

I was most excited for the liquid eyeshadows. With all of the glitter, they really reminded me of the Stila Magnificent Metals and they did not disappoint. There are four different shades: Lara’s Necklace (green), Aquatic Prism (blue), Mysterious Nights (black), and Moonlight Majesty (purple). They are different colored glitter in a matching base color. However, the base color is not super opaque. These work best when placed on the top of a powder shadow. I also found that they work really well when applied with a brush, for more precision. Ther work great as glitter liner or to use as a glitter cut crease. Also, they are beautiful to use for a glittery smokey eye or to create a glitter halo effect. I think it could be fun to use for a glittery lower lash line as well. I really enjoy these and hope the Wet n Wild will add to the collection with lighter colors.

Wet n Wild has had the MegaLiners for as long as I can remember. For this collection, they decided to change it up a little. They came out with three new, limited edition metallic shades. Sea Symmetry is a beautiful green color and it is fairly pigmented. I only have to go over it once to get full opacity. Sea Dreams is a dark blue and Trident’s Shimmer is a steel grey. These are both beautiful but they take a couple of layers to get full color pay off. I really enjoy using these on their own as well as a base for the liquid eyeshadows to create a glitter liner.

The final product is the Mermaid Highlighting Bar in Midnight Moon. This product is stunning! It has the image of a mermaid tail embossed across it. The product itself it very smooth and blends out great. The color is like a gold/green with pink shimmer. It is really beautiful on paler complexions and would work on most skin tones as a great inner corner highlight.

Here are swatches of all of the products starting with the liners, lipsticks and finally the shadows.

Overall, I am very impressed with all of these products. The lipsticks are comfortable, unique and will be stunning for fall. The shadows are so much fun and a much less expensive alternative to the Stila Magnificent Metals. The liners and highlighter are a fun pop of color. I really hope that Wet n Wild continues to expand their Catsuit Liquid Lip line as well as the liquid shimmer shadows.

What trends are you most excited for as we go into fall?

Xoxo Sammie

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Anastasia Subculture Palette

I know, if you’re apart of the beauty community then you are probably sick to death of this topic. It is something that has been shaking our part of the world for a couple of weeks now: the Anastasia Subculture Palette. Now, I first recieved this product 2 days after it launched and I had to use it right away. By that Monday, I was ready to post my review and thoughts. But, I made the mistake of starting to watch YouTube videos. I was shocked at the absolutely terrible reviews this palette was getting and I started to second guess my opinion. So, I decided to use it for a full two weeks before sharing my thoughts with you. Spoiler alert: I actually really like it.

So, I am going to start by telling you why I like it so much and then I will get into my thoughts on the whole ordeal. When I first saw the previews for this palette, I knew I had to have it. I was captivated by the color choices. Everyone has so been into the red and orange warm tones for the last year that this palette was a welcome change.

As for how they swatched, I was fairly impressed. The mattes were all beautiful and EXTREMELY pigmented. However, I was not too impressed with the shimmer shades.

Cube swatches terribly. It also does not show up on the eye very well. If anything, I would call it a eyeshadow topper. If you really love the idea of this shade, it is very similar to Pink Heart in the Moonchild Glow Kit.

Electric is better than Cube, but I am still not a huge fan. It does show up better, but it is very glittery and has glitter fallout. This shade is best used with a glitter glue.

The final non-matte shade is Adorn. This shade is a pretty coppery metallic, but it is nothing new. I find it works best when used with your finger or a damp brush.

Now, drumroll please, here is my opinion. I really love this palette. I find that I do not have a problem with blending or fallout. I have loved every look I have created except for one. There are two major flaws in my opinion.

First, the shades are soft pressed. This is why people can get so much fallout. Also, this can put too much pigment on your brush which will make it hard to blend on the eye. The solution to this is to use soft, fluffy brushes and barely touch your brush into the product.

The second major flaw is the opposite colors. While this isn’t really a flaw, it can cause problems people aren’t used too. Because the shadows have so much pigment, colors can blend together very easily on the eye. This becomes a problem when you use two colors that are opposite on the color wheel, such as New Wave and All Star, in the same look. This can cause the shadows to muddy together and neutralize into a gray tone. The solution to this is to place each color where you want it without going over the top of the opposing color and lightly blend together. It was because of this I created the one look I did not like.

One thing that I have seen a lot of is that people like the colors but are unsure of how to create looks. The palette came be divided into quads. Here are some examples of shades you can use to create some quick looks.

Now, it wouldn’t be a Anastasia Subculture Palette review if I didn’t weigh in on the drama. People are upset by the way the shadows are pressed. They also believe that there was a problem at the lab. Personally, I am not sure what to think. I have noticed that a lot of YouTubers who likes the palette had one from the P7 batch, and mine is from that batch as well. However, I think that the real problem is that this is a formula different from what people are use to and one that people were not expecting. Everyone thought it would be the same as the Modern Renaissance but it is much softer.

MUG Dupes (left to right): Phantom, Beaches & Cream, High Tea, Legend, Cherry Cola, Faux Fur, Time TravelPoppy, Karma, Mocha, Chickadee, Enchanted Forest, Desert Sands, Taboo

Honestly, I think that this is something you will have to try for yourself. If you are the type of person who generally goes in with a light hand and slowly builds up color, you might really like this. I recommend checking this out in store or purchasing from Sephora ($42) so that it can be easily returned in case it does not suit you. If you are just too worried to take the plunge, here are some dupes that you can purchase in singles from Makeup Geek.

Did this palette catch your eye? What would you like to see different in the coming year, as far as eye shadow palettes?

Xoxo Sammie

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Sephora Favorites: Sunkissed Glow

My husband always jokes that Sephora is my happy place. I always laugh along, but who am I kidding? I love going there to play with all of the different products. Between their 100’s of tester products, free mini makeup lessons and awesome return policy, what’s not to love? One of my favorite things to get from Sephora are the Favorites kits. They generally have a theme and include a bunch of different testers from many different brands. Some of the ones I’m currently loving are the Hydration Favorites and the Nude Lip Kit. Although it is not currently available, I have also really been loving the Sunkissed Glow kit. So, I figured why not give a bunch of mini reviews for all the products included?

The first thing that I noticed was the Marc Jacobs Highliner Gel Eye Crayon in Ro (Cocoa). These eye liners have been so hyped on YouTube and I’ve been dying to try them. However, it is hard to convince me to spend $25 on an eye pencil. Thankfully, the one included in this kit was full sized, so I should be set for awhile. Sephora claims it is “a crayon that delivers intense color and 12-hour waterproof wear and amazing glide.” I would agree with all of that except the 12 hour wear. My eyes must be more watery than everyone else’s because I only get a few hours before this wears away. For me, it is super pigmented, but I think I’ll stick to my Ulta gel liners.

Within the kit, there were two highlighters. The first is the Milk Makeup Liquid Strobe in Gleam. This strobing liquid is a true gold color. I find the color is pretty, but i am not a fan of how it applies. It comes with a roller ball applicator. I find that this does not distribute the highlight evenly and I still have to blend it out. So, I usually roll a little on my fingers and tap it in. It is very reflective, though I don’t find that the color suits me. I will continue to use this product, but I would not purchase the full size. I much prefer the CoverFx Custom Enhancer Drops in Celestial.

The second highlight included was the Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector in Opal. I have to say, I am in love with this one! It is so soft and creamy and it applies like a dream. It is described as a “golden opal pearl” and it just stunning. It is very reflective and a little goes a long way. Plus, this sample size is perfect to keep in your purse or to take when you travel.

Another bronzy product was the Urban Decay Half Baked Eyeshadow Shimmer in Golden Bronze. The one included in this kits is full sized, a value of $19. I really love this eyeshadow color. It is beautiful all over the lid and will make any eye color pop. I like it best when applied with my finger or a damp, flat brush to get the most shine.

Also included is the Radiance Foundation Primer by Laura Mercier. This primer gives your foundation a smooth base while also illuminating the skin. Currently, I tend to prefer more hydrating foundations and primers. I like this primer because it does smooth my skin and adds a beautiful radiance. It is also slightly tacky, which I personally feel like helps to keep my foundation on longer. I love pairing with with my Wet n Wild Photo Focus Foundation.

Now, the this kit included two bronzers but I received a third as a free sample so I decided to include it in this review. The first bronzer is the Hourglass Ambient Lighting Bronzer in Luminous Bronze Light. This is another product I was so excited to try because it is so hyped on YouTube. I was also so happy when I found out that it was the lightest shade because I am usually quite fair. This bronzer is more warm toned with a slight shimmer. While I am not convinced it is the right shade for me, it is really beautiful. I love the formula and it looks wonderful on the skin. I am debating trying out the Radiant Bronze Light as it looks a little less orange.

The second bronzer is the Too Faced Chocolate Soleil Matte Bronzer in Medium/Deep. First, this bronzer smells amazing. It’s just like chocolate. I was so scared this would be too dark for my skin tone. However, I really love it. It is more of a cool tone and if I go in with a light hand, it is perfect. I love this travel size because I can take it with me wherever I go.

The bonus sample I received is the Benefit Hoola Quickie Contour Stick. Hoola is a cult favorite bronzer, but one I have yet to try because of how warm it appears. I love using cream contour, so i was excited to give this cream to powder stick a try. First, I feel like the name is misleading. I would never use this as a contour because of how how warm it is. That being said, I enjoy using it as a bronzer. If used sparingly and really blended out, it is beautiful.

Included in the kit was a Nars Shimmer Lip Gloss in Orgasm. Now, the product included was full sized and at first I really enjoyed this gloss. It is pigmented and the color is beautiful. The formula is also smooth and not too sticky. However, I soon realized that it reminded me of another product that I have: the Covergirl Katy Kat Pearl Lipstick in Apricat. To me, they are so similar that I could never justify spending $26 on the Nars Lip Gloss when the Covergirl Lipstick is around $8.

The final product in the glow bag was the Tarte Brazilliance Plus+ self tanner. When you buy the full size, you also receive a mit. I didn’t do my whole body because of the size of the sample, but I did test it out on my arms. It gave me such a beautiful fake tan. I definitely will be purchasing the full size soon.

Though it doesn’t count as a product, I also really love the bag that was included. It is so pretty and fun for summer. Overall, I loved this Sephora Favorite Collection. Just counting the 3 full sized products, that bag is valued at $75. Considering I received 6 other samples and a bag, all while paying $45. I have to say, these little bags are great deals.

What are some of your favorite products to achieve the perfect summer glow?

Xoxo Sammie

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July 2017 Boxycharm

Although it is already August, I still wanted to get my Boxycharm review up for July. Even though it came in late, I can’t deny that I was happy with almost all of the products.

In July’s box there was a sunscreen, eyeshadow palette, eyebrow pencil, liquid lip and body illuminizer. All products that are perfect for summer. 

The first product is the Bare Minerals Prep Step SPF 50. Now, I am really really pale. Between my complexion and being on isotretinoin, I burn so easily. I really enjoyed this sun screen. It is very liquidy, but it dries down to a powder like finish. I doesn’t clog pores and is perfect for wearing under makeup.

The next product was good in theory, but not so much in practice. It is the Body Illumizier from Ofra. I have a similar product the I DIYed myself, you can check it out here. My only problem with this product is that it is a little too dark for my skin tone. It works, but I have to be very careful to make sure I rub it in all the way and take care that there are no streaks. This would be beautiful for darker skin tones.

From Colour Pop, everyone received a liquid lipstick. Mine was the Ultra Matte Liquid Lip in Monday. It is a beautiful pinkie brown shade. I can’t wait to wear it, but it is just a little too drying for me right now.

A few months ago we received a brow powder trio and I have to say I prefer it to this month’s brow pencil. The color was the right shade for me and I really like the packaging. However, the formula was really dry. I feel like I had to press so hard and to warm up the product to get it to work.

The final product in this month’s box was a Blinc Electric Eyes Eyeshadow Palette. I have to say, I LOVE this! The colors are beautiful and pigmented. They also blend well and are so shimmery. The only thing I dislike is that there is no matte shade to set primer or use as a transition. So you will need another palette, but in my opinion it is still beautiful and worth it.

Overall, I am happy with this box. I love the eye shadow palette and the sunscreen. The body illumizier and liquid lip are pretty and I will use them. As for the brow pencil, I am going to try and work with it before giving up. At the very least, it’ll be nice to travel with.

What are some of your favorite summer items?

Xoxo Sammie

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Favorite Moisturizers While On Isotretinoin

Normally, I would give an update on my isotretinoin journey with pictures and an updated skincare routine. However, I do not feel that I have had such a huge change this month. My skin care routine is pretty much the same. While my skin seems to be a little bit dryer, it’s nothing unbearable. So, this month I decided to go over all of the best moisturizers that I have found, everything from head to toe.

I don’t feel like my skin has made any huge improvements this month and I have not had any changes with symptoms or mood. Although that is great, it makes for some lame progress photos. Hopefully next month I will show some more progress. Without further adue, here is my favorite moisturizers while on isotretinoin.

These first products are ones that I use while in the shower. I am in love with the Sea Mineral Moisture Body Wash by OGX. Not only does it smell fresh, but it leaves my skin feeling so soft. I also love to use it as a bubble bath. Also, the scent does not irritate my sensitive skin or cause migraines. If you are not into scented products, I also love Cetaphil Body Wash. The other product I love to use in the shower is the Nivea In Shower Body Lotion for very dry skin. Basically, I use this after cleansing and shaving. Basically, it is like putting an oil on your skin. I will let it sit in while I condition my hair and exfoliate my face with the clarisonic. After that, you just rinse it off. The only note I have is make sure not to put it on the bottom of your feet and take care to rinse out your shower after you are done because it can make the floor slippery.

After the shower, I lather on a good body lotion. Right now, I am absolutely in love the the Hempz Herbal Body Moisturizer. I love how soft and smooth my skin feel after putting this on. In fact, I usually only have to put in on once a day. I also love all the wonderful scents that they offer. They are so fresh and natural. The best part is that the scents do not irritate my skin or set off my migraines like Bath and Body Works does. The only downside is that these can be a little expensive. However, I tend to pick them up when Ulta does their Buy 1 Get 1 Half off. I think they are worth it because they are high quality and last a long time. Right now my favorite scents are White Peach Rose & Peony, Velvet Cashmere & Tuberose and Sweet Pineapple & Honey Melon.

When it comes to cleansing my face, I am quite particular. For removing my makeup and double cleaning my face, I really like the Burt’s Bees Cleaning Oil for normal to dry skin. While it might seem kinda expensive, a little goes a long way. You don’t even need to use a full pump for your face. It melts off all of my makeup without leaving my skin feeling stripped. However, I do not like using it alone because the oil feels too heavy on my skin. So after I have rinse this off, I go in with the First Aid Beauty Pure Skin Face Cleanser. I love FAB products because they are so gentle on the skin. This cleanses without stripping and leaves my face feeling clean and soft. When my face is all clean, I like to exfoliate my lips. I have been really into the Hanalei Sugar Lip Scrub. A little goes a long way and the sugar is a great gentle exfoliator. After I have exfoliated my lips, I let the product sit for a little while as the oils help moisturize the lips.

I find the most relaxing thing is to put on a good face mask and relax with a cup of coffee and a book. In the past, I used a lot of face masks targeted at clearing my skin or shrinking my pores. So, it was a little strange to have to look for something that soothes and hydrates. My favorite sheet mask has to be the Tony Moly Tea Tree Skin Soothing Mask Sheet. As the ingredients are all in another language, I can’t speak as to what is actually in this mask. What I can say is that it works every single time. If my skin is hurting or feeling extra dry, I will use this mask. I just put it on and let it sit till it is dry, usually about an hour. Afterwards my skin always feels soft and hydrated. Another great mask is the Lumene Hydration Recovery Aerating Gel Mask. This stuff is so cool! You only need a little bit and it goes on with a cooling effect. You can leave it on for 10 minutes for a quick session or even use it as an overnight treatment. I love exfoliating my face and then using this over night to keep my skin plush.

Before I apply moisturizers, I love to prep with a spray or an oil. Usually, when I first get out of the shower I will spray my face with the Mario Badescu Facial Spray. I feel like it not only helps to hydrate but also calms and cools my skin. It smells great and is very refreshing. Pro Tip: if you already have your hair done, spray twice into your hands and then pat into your skin so that is doesn’t get sprayed all over your hair and clothes. Before putting on my moisturizer, I am all about a good oil. In the morning, I love to use the Farsali Rose Gold Elixir. Now I know, at $55 this stuff is expensive, but I have created an inexpensive DIY Version. Basically, it is Pumpkin Seed Oil. It sinks into the skin quickly and moisturizes without leaving a heavy feeling residue. This has been my savior for my dry under eyes. At night time, I like to use the Tarte Maracuja Oil. While this is another expensive one, it is a great quality and I have been using the travel sized one forever. This oil is a little heavier which makes it great for night time. It helps to keep my skin soft and I wake up feeling hydrated instead of dry and flakey.

After I have let any facial oils sink in, I will put on an moisturizer. For the day time, I like to use a gel moisturizer. Right now, I am really enjoying the Clinique Moisture Surge. I find that this moisturizer helps to give my skin that drink of water without being too heavy or oily. It is really great to use before putting on makeup. Another moisturizer that I love for day time that is not pictured is the Belif Aqua Bomb. This one is amazing! It is really perfect for days when I am feeling extra dry or sensitive. I love to use this after sun exposure or to help my skin heal after traveling. The only reason it isn’t pictured is because I need a new one. Another gel moisturizer that I like to use if I have been in the sun is the Peter Thomas Roth Cucumber Gel Mask. Although it is technically a mask, I tend to use it as a moisturizer for days I do not put on make up. It just helps to calm my skin and hydrate it as well. Perfect for when it is a little burnt or irritated. At night, I almost exclusively use the Origins High-Potency Night-A-Mins. I have been using this for months now and I still love it. It is a thicker cream the works all night long. It is great to use when while my skin is so dry and it smells great too.

One of the things that has been driving me crazy is my lips. It is probably the one part of my body I cant seem to keep hydrated. That being said, I have three products that I have been using on a daily basis. Throughout the day, I generally use the Jack Black Intense Therapy Lip Balm. I like these because they have great ingredients, smell good and contain SPF 25. I really enjoy the Shea Butter and Mint ones. For the most part, these do the job. Whenever my lips crack or bleed, I use the Dr. Dan’s CortiBalm. This works amazing at healing cracked lips because it contains hydrocortisone. The only reason I do not use this all the time is because I have heard that too much use of hydrocortisone can actually thin out the skin making it more prone to cracking. However, it is great at healing my lips quickly. The final product, not pictured, is aquaphor. This is a classic product that anyone on isotretinoin has heard of and used. It is great to use overnight because it is so thick.

The final products I want to talk about are makeup products. Now there are tons of products that are great for dry skin, but I wanted to keep this specifically to products that hydrate the skin. When I do my makeup, I always start with the Hard Candy Hydra-Prime Priming Lotion. I feel that it not only helps to keep my makeup on all day, but it keeps my skin looking hydrated as well. It also contains dimethicone, so it helps to smooth the skin and fill in pores. For foundation, I have been IN LOVE with the Tarte Empowered Hybrid Gel Foundation. I love the coverage and how a little goes a long way. The color is great and it keeps my skin looking hydrated and fresh all day long. The only thing I dislike is that it comes in a pot. You can check out a full review and wear test here. The final makeup product that I swear by in the Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Concealer. I have had the hardest time with dry under eyes. Using an oil has helped a lot but I have to be careful with which concealers I use. Like the Tarte Shape Tape leaves my eyes looking so dry. This stuff not only covers well, but it leaves my under eyes looking smooth and hydrated.

These products have all done wonders for my dry skin. I have to tell you, it was quite the struggle at first transiting from super oily skin to desert dry. Luckily, I have found a ton of products that work great and leave my skin feeling wonderful, even while taking isotretinoin.

What are products that you swear by for dry skin?

Xoxo Sammie

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