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July 2017 Boxycharm

Although it is already August, I still wanted to get my Boxycharm review up for July. Even though it came in late, I can’t deny that I was happy with almost all of the products.

In July’s box there was a sunscreen, eyeshadow palette, eyebrow pencil, liquid lip and body illuminizer. All products that are perfect for summer. 

The first product is the Bare Minerals Prep Step SPF 50. Now, I am really really pale. Between my complexion and being on isotretinoin, I burn so easily. I really enjoyed this sun screen. It is very liquidy, but it dries down to a powder like finish. I doesn’t clog pores and is perfect for wearing under makeup.

The next product was good in theory, but not so much in practice. It is the Body Illumizier from Ofra. I have a similar product the I DIYed myself, you can check it out here. My only problem with this product is that it is a little too dark for my skin tone. It works, but I have to be very careful to make sure I rub it in all the way and take care that there are no streaks. This would be beautiful for darker skin tones.

From Colour Pop, everyone received a liquid lipstick. Mine was the Ultra Matte Liquid Lip in Monday. It is a beautiful pinkie brown shade. I can’t wait to wear it, but it is just a little too drying for me right now.

A few months ago we received a brow powder trio and I have to say I prefer it to this month’s brow pencil. The color was the right shade for me and I really like the packaging. However, the formula was really dry. I feel like I had to press so hard and to warm up the product to get it to work.

The final product in this month’s box was a Blinc Electric Eyes Eyeshadow Palette. I have to say, I LOVE this! The colors are beautiful and pigmented. They also blend well and are so shimmery. The only thing I dislike is that there is no matte shade to set primer or use as a transition. So you will need another palette, but in my opinion it is still beautiful and worth it.

Overall, I am happy with this box. I love the eye shadow palette and the sunscreen. The body illumizier and liquid lip are pretty and I will use them. As for the brow pencil, I am going to try and work with it before giving up. At the very least, it’ll be nice to travel with.

What are some of your favorite summer items?

Xoxo Sammie