DIY Projects

Every since I was a little girl, I loved to do DIY projects. From crafting to cooking and creating my own beauty products, I can never get enough! Here are step by step guides for a whole slew of fun DIY projects that you can make for yourself or give as gifts,

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    DIY Coconut Shaving Cream

    When the weekend comes, it’s time for my husband and I to just relax. We love going out and exploring all that is going on in our college town. However, this weekend that was not the case. He is so busy preparing to defend his PHD thesis and I had mountains of work to do. So when I went to take a shower on Saturday and realized I had no more shaving cream, I was frazzled. I didn’t want to put on clothes and run to the store, so instead I wrapped myself in a towel and headed to the kitchen. Lucky for me, I always have a large container…

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    DIY: Whipped Sugar Scrub

    Though I may be in love with spring, there is just one thing I dislike: my skin. It is still dry from winter, and now I have to start wearing dresses and shorts again. Ugh, so not appealing. But, I have found an answer that is not only quick and easy but leaves my skin so soft, smooth and moisturized. I came up with a Sugar Scrub that will buff away all the dry skin while moisturizing it for a beautiful glow. The best part? You only need a few ingredients and it takes less than 10 minutes to make! What you’ll need:  1/2 cup Coconut Oil 1/2 cup Sugar …

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    DIY Honey Rose Face Mask

    I love face masks. I have at least three different ones one had at all time. Only problem is, that they can get pretty pricey at $30-$40 per container. Recently, I have been playing around with making my own beauty products. I have been doing this because it is inexpensive, I can customize each product for my needs, and it is fun! Today, I’m sharing a simple three ingredient mask. All you will need is honey, Greek yogurt and Rose Hip Seed Oil. First of all, here is why I chose each ingredient: Honey is antibacterial and works great for acne prone skin. It is also moisturizing and soothing on the…

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    DIY Monday: Easy, Clean Bath Bombs

    I’m the first to admit it: I love pampering myself. I love having girl’s nights and spa days. Spending the time to do nails and face masks is just so relaxing. Unfortunately, I don’t seem to find the time to do all that between work and school. But, something I can find time for is a long, hot bath. When I take a bath, I love using bath bombs. They smell so good and are so much fun. However, they can get very expensive when you are paying $5 or more a piece. So, I tested out a bunch of recipes so I could find out the perfect homemade bath…

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    DIY Monday: Rose Highlighter

    Ever since I saw the promo shots of the new LancĂ´me Blush La Rose, I knew I had to have it.  But after seeing the $60 price tag, I became dismayed. Even more so after I saw the reviews that started popping up all over YouTube. That got me to thinking. Wouldn’t it be fairly simple to do this with any powder product or pigment? So, I made a plan of action and headed to my local dollar store. What you will need: Paper towels  Fake roses A box to put the finished product in A plastic container with a lid An empty bowl Rubbing Alcohol (between 70-100% alcohol for…