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DIY Monday: Rose Highlighter

Ever since I saw the promo shots of the new Lancôme Blush La Rose, I knew I had to have it. 

But after seeing the $60 price tag, I became dismayed. Even more so after I saw the reviews that started popping up all over YouTube. That got me to thinking. Wouldn’t it be fairly simple to do this with any powder product or pigment? So, I made a plan of action and headed to my local dollar store.

What you will need:

Paper towels 

Fake roses

A box to put the finished product in

A plastic container with a lid

An empty bowl

Rubbing Alcohol (between 70-100% alcohol for best results)

A highlighter, blush, or pigment

Hot glue gun (not pictured)

Step 1: If using a blush or pressed product, break it up as fine as possible. Looking back, I would recommend using a coffee grinder to finely mill the product or just use a pigment so you get a smooth application when applied to the flower.

Step 2: Move the product into the container with the jar and submerge the flower in a bowl of alcohol. Make sure the flower is fully saturated and then blot of the excess on a paper towel so that it is not dripping wet.

Step 3: Place the flower into the container and fasten the lid on top. Shake the container around so as to disperse the pigment and cover the flower.

Step 4: Carefully take the flower out of the container and place it on a paper towel to dry completely. I recommend waiting at least a couple hours. A full 24 hours is ideal if you have the time and patience.

After the flowers have dried, it is time to place them in their container. I put the blush flower into a pretty silver box and the highlighter into a small glass bowl.

I think they both turned out beautiful! I plan on giving the blush rose to my friend for Valentine’s Day and I will be keeping the highlighter on my vanity.

I tried three different products. The first (top) is a blush that I purchased at the dollar store and crushed while the bottom in an elf highlighter where I did the same. Both turned out beautiful, but were a little clumpy, seeing as the knife I used to crush the pressed powder did not make it fine enough. I would recommend putting a pressed powder through a coffee grinder to make sure it is fine enough.

The middle Rose is a highlighter that I created by mixing several different pigments. The pigments were so fine that they evenly covered the flower without there being any small clumps of product.

Will you being trying out this fun diy? Have anything else you would like me to try? Let me know inthe comments 🙂

Hope you have a Happy Valentine’s Day!

Xoxo Sammie