Subscription Box

Boxycharm May 2017

If you’ve never heard of Boxycharm, it is a monthly subscription beauty box that includes 5 full size products. I’ve tried so many different boxes and this one continues to be a favorite. However, I have to say, I wasn’t extremely excited for this month’s box. The previews made it seem like a lot of basics and stuff that I already had. However, I was pleasantly surprised.

This box came with a brow powder palette, spoolie and brow brush, highlight and contour palette, liquid highlight, and oval face brush. 

The first product I tried was the Crown Brushes Round Contour Brush ($24.99). I was really worried that this brush would be terrible. Is it Artis quality? No, but it was soft and it did blend out my foundation fairly well. I really like the cap that it came with. I think I will use this brush to travel with instead of taking my Artis. Overall it’s a ????????

The next two products go together, The Brow Gal Convertable Brow ($35) and Brow Brush ($14). They say that you can use the product dry as a brow powder or wet as a pomade. There are three shades so you can mix to get your perfect color match.

I used the spoolie first to brush out my brows. I then used the angled brush and the darkest powder. I didn’t notice a difference with the product wet or dry. That being said, it did fill in my brows nicely. Though I enjoyed the brush and the powder was nice, I don’t think I’ll get use of all the colors.

I was really excited for the Temptu x Boxycharm liquid glow ($29.50). I’ve really been loving liquid highlights lately.

The highlight blended out easily and was fairly reflective. Unfortunaly, once on my cheek bones, it was too dark for my skin tone since I am so fair right now. I think this color could be great for light-medium skin tones. I also think it could work nicely to mix into a foundation.

The final product we received was the IBY Beauty Highlight & Contour Palette ($40). This palette includes 3 powder highlight and 3 powder contour shades.

I ended up using highlight 2 to set my concealer. I happened to forget my face powder when I was packing to spend the week at my parents, so I used a very light dusting of Highlight 1 and 3 to set my makeup. I finished with using Contour 3 to contour my cheeks bones and nose. Overall, I really enjoyed this palette.

Though there were both hits and misses, this box was definitely worth the $21. I will for sure continue to use the oval brush, brow brush and contour palette. I’m going to experiment with using the highlight on my eyes and mixed with foundation. The brow powder is nice, but I really prefer using my Ulta Brow gel.

What did you think of this month’s Boxycharm? Are there any new subscriptions you’ve been dying to try?

Xoxo Sammie