DIY Honey Rose Face Mask

I love face masks. I have at least three different ones one had at all time. Only problem is, that they can get pretty pricey at $30-$40 per container. Recently, I have been playing around with making my own beauty products. I have been doing this because it is inexpensive, I can customize each product for my needs, and it is fun!

Today, I’m sharing a simple three ingredient mask. All you will need is honey, Greek yogurt and Rose Hip Seed Oil. First of all, here is why I chose each ingredient:

Honey is antibacterial and works great for acne prone skin. It is also moisturizing and soothing on the skin.

Greek Yogurt is full of lactic acid and will help break down dead skin cells as well as tighten pores.

Rose Hip Oil is very hydrating. It is also good for anti-aging due to the high content of essential fatty acids. It sinks in without leaving your skin oily.

Now that you know why I created this mask, here is how you can do it too.

Diy Rose hip honey mask
You will need:

2 tbps Greek yogurt

1 tsp honey

3-4 drops of Rose hip oil

Mix all three ingredients together and apply to clean, dry skin. Once you have an even coat, let sit for 15-20 minute.

As a side note, this mask makes enough for two as demonstrated by my husband and I. Isn’t he such a good sport?

After 15-20 minutes, wash the mask off with cool water. It will be a little thick, but it should come off fairly easily. After drying your face, take 2-3 more drops of the Rose Hip Oil and warm in your palm before patting onto face and neck.

Personally, the mask leaves my skin feeling smooth, soft and moisturized. I also see an immediate decrease in redness and inflammation.

Do you have any at home beauty treatments that you do? Let me know below.

Xoxo Sammie 

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Influenster VoxBox: Ecotools Review

I love getting a good deal. I am one of those people who has to be careful because I will solely buy something just because it is an amazing deal. So when I found influenster, I signed up immediately. All you have to do is review products and you can qualify to receive boxes of free products, the only catch being that you need to review those boxes to continue to qualify for future boxes. It’s a lot of fun and a great way to try new products for free. You can check it out here.

My most recent box box was full of Ecotools beauty products.

Included was the new Prefect Blender Duo ($9.99), Makeup Brush Cleaning Cloths ($6.99), Full Powder Brush ($8.99), and the 6 Piece Starter Collection ($12.99).

So, I will start with the sponges. Here is a image comparing the Real Techniques sponge, the Beauty Blender and the Ecotools sponge. When dry, they differ in size but they all grow to be about the same size when wet. The Real Techniques and Beauty Blender are both pretty soft. The Ecotools sponge is more firm, but I really enjoyed it. I especially love the way it is cut. It is perfect for getting into the side of the nose and in other problem areas. I was not a big fan of the smaller Ecotools sponge as I found it too firm.

Now here are the brushes. I loved the full powder brush. It is perfect for sweeping away bake as well as using for a full face of powder. I also enjoyed the blush brush, the concealer brush and the spoolie. The angled brush worked fine as well. The only brush I wasn’t a huge fan of was the shadow brush. It wasn’t great at blending, but it also wasn’t great for packing on the shadow. Does it work? Yes. However, I would not recommended this for someone beginning in makeup because it is just too hard to get a nice blend or enough pigmentation.

The final product is the makeup brush cleaning cloths. These worked great! They are perfect for cleaning a brush when switching shadow colors. I would take these traveling with me so that I don’t have to take as many brushes.

Overall, Ecotools is a great brand with awesome, affordable brushes. You can purchase them at many drugstores as well as on their website. 

Have you every tried Ecotools? What did you think? Let me know in the comments below.

Have a great weekend!

Xoxo Sammie

Disclaimer: I did receive these product, complimentary, from influenster, in exchange for my honest review.

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Review: L’Oréal Colorista Burgundy Semipermanent Hair Dye

A couple of weeks ago I I was browsing through my local Drugstore when a bright colored stand caught my eye. It was for the new L’Oréal Colorista($9.99) hair dye. Now, I have naturally medium brown hair. So, usually I don’t pay much attention to hair dye because if I want to achieve a fun, bright color I have to bleach my hair. However, this dye claimed that it would color my brown hair  without bleach. I was sold.

After debating between teal and burgundy, I decided to go with burgundy because I was scared my hair would pull too green if I used the teal and I didn’t want to go to work with green hair. I was so hopeful because the girl on the box had such dark hair, and her color came out so vibrant.

First step, you have to wash your hair and let it dry. You also want to make sure you skip the conditioner.

Next, make sure to apply lotion to your face, ears and neck. This will keep the dye from turning your skin a different color. Also, make sure you cover any surface you don’t want to be damaged by dripping hair dye with a towel.

Now all you have to do is apply the dye. I found it was easiest to put on the gloves and squeeze the product into my palm. Then, I started at the top of my head and worked my way down to my roots.

Basically, I continued to squeeze the product in my hands and work it through my hair until the bottle was completely empty. Then, I twisted it into a top knot and let it sit for 45 minutes.

After the time is up, just rise your hair in cool water. Unlike permanent dye, the water will not run clear. So you want to continue to rinse your hair until the water is only tinted a light pink/purple color.

Finally, make sure to dry your hair completely before sleeping or going anywhere. This is because if your hair is wet, the dye can transfer. 

Here are my final result:

As you can see, the results aren’t nearly as bright as depicted on the box or bottle that held the dye. However, I definitly saw a lot more color when in direct sunlight.

I do have a few pros and cons about this product. My cons are that this isn’t as bright as I advertised and the dye gets all over the shower every time you hair is wet. However, it did give me a fun new color, was fairly easy to apply, and you don’t have to use the whole bottle at one time. This is fairly unique and fun because you can do your whole head, or play with multiple styles such as ombré, two tone, or highlights. If you don’t use the whole bottle, just close it and use again after it washes out.

Overall, I like the idea of this product. I think it is a fun way to play with bold colors and make a change without having any commitment or upkeep. It also doesn’t damage the hair since you are not having to use bleach.

What do you think? Does this sound like a product that you would want to try? If so, what color? Let me know in the comments below.

Happy Hump Day!

Xoxo Sammie 

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DIY Monday: Easy, Clean Bath Bombs

I’m the first to admit it: I love pampering myself. I love having girl’s nights and spa days. Spending the time to do nails and face masks is just so relaxing. Unfortunately, I don’t seem to find the time to do all that between work and school. But, something I can find time for is a long, hot bath.

When I take a bath, I love using bath bombs. They smell so good and are so much fun. However, they can get very expensive when you are paying $5 or more a piece. So, I tested out a bunch of recipes so I could find out the perfect homemade bath bomb for less than $1 a piece.

What You’ll Need:

1 Cup Citric Acid (Amazon, Walmart)

2 Cups Baking Soda

1 TBSP melted coconut oil

20-30 drops essential oil (optional)

Silicone Mold (Walmart)

Spray bottle of water (not pictured)

I found that this combination works perfectly! My mix made 8 bath bombs, but that will vary depending on the size of molds you use.

First, start by mixing all of your dry ingredients together.

Then, melt the coconut oil in a separate bowl and add any essential oils and/or food coloring. Side note: I do not add food coloring to mine because I don’t trust the bathtub in my apartment to not attract all the dye. Another option is to use mica pigments.

Now here is the hardest part. With one hand, continuously mix the dry ingredients. With the other hand, very slowly add the wet ingredients while continuing to mix. It is important to mix the ingredients continuously and add the liquid slowly because if you go too fast, the liquid will activate the citric acid and then your bath bombs will not fizz in the bath. 

Once everything is mixed together, you may need to add the tiniest amount of water to help the bath bombs stay together. I judge if I need water by squeezing a bit of the mixture in my hand and then seeing if it holds the shape or not. If not, spray the mixture once while mixing continuously.

After your mixture is complete, you just need to put it in the mold. On the left, you will see the mixture is loose and on the right it is pressed. You will need to press the mixture as hard as you can so that it will be tightly packed and the bath bombs will maintain their shape once you take them out of the mold.

And that’s it! You just need to let them dry for at least a few hours. I kept mine under a lamp (because it happened to rain all weekend) for about 4 hours. You will want to make sure that you store them in a dry place as well.

The bath was so relaxing! The citric acid makes the bombs fizz, the baking soda acts as a detox, the essential oils are for aroma therapy and the coconut oil is soothing and hydrating. In mine, I used 10 drops of peppermint, 10 drops tea tree and 10 drops of eucalyptus essential oils.

Just as a note, these bath bombs don’t float as much as Lush or other store bought ones because I have omitted corn starch. I have read that is can help cause yeast infections, and that sure didn’t sound relaxing to me!

I plan on keeping a couple of these for myself and using the rest for gifts! What about you? Will you be giving these diy bath bombs a try? Let me know in the comments 🙂

Hope you have a happy Monday!

Xoxo Sammie

Side note: for something fun and different, try different molds, such as these fun doughnut bath bombs 🍩

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It Cosemtics: Confidence in a Compact

If I could create my dream foundation it would be full coverage with SPF, have ingredients to benefit my skin, as well as help blur pores and fine lines. Not too much to ask for, right?

Though it seems unrealistic to expect so much from one product, my interest was piqued when I heard about the new serum compact foundation from It Cosmetics. Available at Ulta, their site claims ” Confidence in a Compact starts its life as your first-ever, clinically shown anti-aging solid serum, and is infused with full-coverage pigments and SPF 50+ UVA/UVB broad-spectrum physical sunscreen. It truly delivers all the skincare benefits of your best-selling Confidence in a Cream, plus your full-coverage foundation and SPF 50+ in one simple step!” I mean what part of that doesn’t sound amazing? So, of course I went in search at my local Ulta the day it launched.

The packaging is beautiful. It is a plastic compact with a decent mirror and puff included. It is very similar to the packing you would find for a cushion foundation.

While I was in the store, I took a look at the brush that was made for this product. The Heavenly Skin brush was beautiful, but at almost $50, it seemed similar enough to brushes I had at home that I decided not to purchase it.

I tried applying this foundation with the included puff, my Artis Oval 7 and my Spectrum B01. I did not like the puff at all. My Artis oval 7 worked well, but I feel I got the best application with my Spectrum flat buffing brush. 

I have very oily, acne prone skin. I primed my T zone with Rimmel Stay Matte as well as a little of the Smashbox pore minimizing primer. Normally, I would use a green color corrector to help with my acne, but decided to forgo it to see how the foundation really worked. I was pleasantly surprised how well it covered my acne and discoloration. So, I added a little powder to set it and finished it off with a mattifying setting spray.

Throughout the day, I was pleasantly surprised. Normally, I’m an oily mess in a matter of hours. However, I didn’t notice any major problem until about 6-7 hours of wear. It didn’t settle into any lines, crease or break apart.

Please excuse my expression, as this picture was take at 7:00 pm, about 12 hours after I had applied it. As you can see, I am oily and the foundation has started to wear away. But for 12 hours of wear, I was really pleasantly surprised!

Overall, I really love this foundation. It is a little tacky, so I definitely recommend setting it with a powder. I loved the coverage and it felt so light weight all day. I will say, I don’t think this will be the best for dry skin. I noticed that it had a tendency to grab on to any little pieces of dry skin I had. If you have oily, combination or normal skin, I think you will love it! 

Do you plan of giving the serum compact foundation a try? Let me now in the comments below.

Hope you have a great weekend!

Xoxo Sammie

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MakeUp Revolution: Golden Bar Palette Review

I hope you had a wonderful Valentine’s Day! I know for me, the only thing that is better than getting chocolate, is getting new makeup. Recently, I picked up the Makeup Revolution Golden Bar Palette ($15) from Ulta and I was so excited! The colors looks right up my alley and the box states that it was a mix of matte and shimmer shadows, which is ideal for me for traveling. 

To start, that packaging is adorable! Not only is it a sturdy plastic, but it looks like a chocolate bar that has been dipped in gold! So stunning! I also really appreciate the fact that finger prints don’t show terribly on the outside.

Now for the important part: what’s inside the palette. To start, you get a full sized mirror, which is fantastic. There is also an applicator included, but I did not find it useful and just tossed it. 

There are 16 different shadows, which is a great selection. Now here is my biggest problem, thought there claims to be some matte shades, every single shade has some shimmer or shine. So, unfortunately, this would not be the best palette to travel with if you are only wanting to take one. As for the colors, they are beautiful. My favorites are the second two rows, as I feel the lighter colored shadows are not as pigmented.

Overall, I really like this palette. You will definitly need another matte palette to create a compelete look, but the shimmers included are great with minimal fallout. For only $15, this is definitly a fun addition to any collection.

I hope you have a wonderful day!

Xoxo Sammie

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DIY Monday: Rose Highlighter

Ever since I saw the promo shots of the new Lancôme Blush La Rose, I knew I had to have it. 

But after seeing the $60 price tag, I became dismayed. Even more so after I saw the reviews that started popping up all over YouTube. That got me to thinking. Wouldn’t it be fairly simple to do this with any powder product or pigment? So, I made a plan of action and headed to my local dollar store.

What you will need:

Paper towels 

Fake roses

A box to put the finished product in

A plastic container with a lid

An empty bowl

Rubbing Alcohol (between 70-100% alcohol for best results)

A highlighter, blush, or pigment

Hot glue gun (not pictured)

Step 1: If using a blush or pressed product, break it up as fine as possible. Looking back, I would recommend using a coffee grinder to finely mill the product or just use a pigment so you get a smooth application when applied to the flower.

Step 2: Move the product into the container with the jar and submerge the flower in a bowl of alcohol. Make sure the flower is fully saturated and then blot of the excess on a paper towel so that it is not dripping wet.

Step 3: Place the flower into the container and fasten the lid on top. Shake the container around so as to disperse the pigment and cover the flower.

Step 4: Carefully take the flower out of the container and place it on a paper towel to dry completely. I recommend waiting at least a couple hours. A full 24 hours is ideal if you have the time and patience.

After the flowers have dried, it is time to place them in their container. I put the blush flower into a pretty silver box and the highlighter into a small glass bowl.

I think they both turned out beautiful! I plan on giving the blush rose to my friend for Valentine’s Day and I will be keeping the highlighter on my vanity.

I tried three different products. The first (top) is a blush that I purchased at the dollar store and crushed while the bottom in an elf highlighter where I did the same. Both turned out beautiful, but were a little clumpy, seeing as the knife I used to crush the pressed powder did not make it fine enough. I would recommend putting a pressed powder through a coffee grinder to make sure it is fine enough.

The middle Rose is a highlighter that I created by mixing several different pigments. The pigments were so fine that they evenly covered the flower without there being any small clumps of product.

Will you being trying out this fun diy? Have anything else you would like me to try? Let me know inthe comments 🙂

Hope you have a Happy Valentine’s Day!

Xoxo Sammie

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L’Oréal Infallible Total Cover Foundation Review

When I first heard about this product, I was ecstatic! I mean a drugstore foundation that is matte, long wearing and inexpensive? What more could I ask for? I really enjoy the infallible matte and porless foundation so I had very high hopes.

I decided to first try applying this foundation with a beauty blender. It seemed to go on easy and blend with no problems. The only thing was that after one layer, I could still see my freckles and my acne spots where still very apparent. After going in with a second layer, it seemed to help.

My major complaint is that is seemed to cling to dry spots and settle into fine lines. I applied around 7am and by 5pm my oils had come through and broken up the foundation on my forehead and nose.

I wasn’t so impressed so I decided to give the foundation another try. Where as the first time I applied it to a sponge and then blended it in, this time I chose to use my Artis Oval 7 brush. I worked in sections, apply the foundation to my skin, blending and then moving to another section. Here are the results:

So using the Artist brush, I got a much more full coverage application. But, I still had a major problem with my dry areas. On my nose and chin, the foundation exaggerated every piece of dry skin.

Overall, I give this foundation a 5/10. I think that the coverage is decent but it is drying. I think this will work better when my skin is not as dry in the spring/summer. That being said, I’ll stick to my Kat Von D Lock It foundation for now.

Hope you find this review helpful and remember, find something to smile about every day.

Xoxo Sammie

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Wet n Wild Photo Photo Focus Foundation Wear Test and Review 

Wet n Wild has really been on top of it with real sing new products this month. Two of the most exciting products would be their new line of foundation is said to adjust for perfect pictures in seven different lighting situations. Sounds pretty good to me! So I picked up nude ivory in the foundation and Neutral buff in the powder. 

Here is one layer of the foundation applied with an Artis oval 7. I would say it is a buildable medium coverage and a natural finish. I applied a little of my Tarte Shape Tape and finished off my face with the powder.

The powder added a little more coverage without caking. I normally have very oily skin, so I was a little worried as to how this would wear.

The first picture is when the make was first applie at noon using the lighting from my makeup mirror where as the second picture is an hour later when I finished my makeup and using a bright ring light. The third and fourth pictures was taken using natural sunlight around 3pm and 4pm. The fifth picture was taken just outside my balcony using the evening light at 6pm and the final picture was using the bathroom lighting at 8pm.

​Overall, I did like this foundation. It seems to adjust for decent pictures in all different lighting. It also managed to stay for several hours before my skin got too oily. I only noticed the foundation wearing away around 8pm on my forehead where I am very oily. I only wish this was a more full coverage foundation, but that is a personal preference. I also loved the powder! It helped keep my matte, made my skin look beautiful, added a litter coverage and did not look cakey.

Overall, I would give the foundation a 8/10 and I would give the powder a 9/10 as I really enjoyed both products and will continue to use them. 

What about you? Do you plan on giving these a try?

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Full Face Glitter Challenge

I fell in love with this challenge this first time I saw a picture on @katieelizabethbutt on instagram. More recently I saw videos of NikkiTutorials and Laura Lee on instagram. I was so nervous to try because of how harsh getting the glitter off can be for your skin. But then I saw a video on instagram on @itsmuaashley doing a silver glitter mermaid look and I was inspired. Why not apply hair gel and then put the glitter on top? It would dry and hold in place but then the water should rinse it away without and scrubbing, right? So I decided to give it a shot.

I used rose gold on the face, black for brows and eye liner, brown for contour and outer corner of eyes, antique gold for the lid, silver for highlighting cheeks brow bone and inner corner of the eyes, hot pink for blush and red for the lips. Overall, I had a lot of fun and everything applied easily! Though I will say, it’s strange not being able to blend anything. As for washing it all off, the gel base worked like a dream! I just got into a warm shower and it all rinsed away within a couple of minutes. 

You should definitely give this one a try, who doesn’t want to be coated in glitter?

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