Review: Beauty Bakerie Lip Whips

Who doesn’t love going out for a date night?  I know I love spending time with my husband and I’m always down for an excuse to get made up. However, my husband hates when I wear lipstick. Sure it looks beautiful, but who wants to kiss someone when they are going to end up with lipstick smeared all over? Well, I’ve found the answer to all our woes: Beauty Bakerie Lip Whips.

Now, we all know about liquid lipsticks. It can be argued that they are the biggest trend of the last year along with highlighting. I first came across Beauty Bakerie when looking for the perfect lipstick for my wedding. I knew I wanted to wear something beautiful, but it had to be comfortable and could not transfer. After a lot of googling, I found my way to their site.

Their whole asthetic spoke to me and as soon as I saw their infamous video of the lip whips not washing off, I was sold. I now have 8 different colors: Swiss Mocha Frappe, French Toast, Fortune Cookie, Louvre Palace, Versailles, Ginger Snap, S’mores D’oeuvres, and Royal Tea

Pictured above is all the Lip Whips that I own. The left is in natural light and the right is with a flash. Each color was swatched with just one layer of the product. The only exception is the last two swatches. They are both swatches of Royal Tea except the top is only layer and the bottom is two layers.

Before applying the lip whips (or any liquid lipstick) I always exfoliate and moisturize. Then, apply with thin even layers. Of all of the colors I own, the only ones I am not the biggest fan of are Swiss Mocha Frappe and French Toast. However, I do like them with a glosss on top. My absolute favorites are Louvre Palace, Versailles and Ginger Snap.

Overall, these are amazing! I find them to be comfortable and extremely long lasting. The only thing that will get these to budge is oil. I just use olive oil to remove mine and it works great. Though they are a little expensive, the brand itself is wonderful and I love supporting great indie brands.

I can’t wait to pick up some fun colors for spring/summer and I’m dying to try the EnchantMint Gelato. I highly recommend checking out this brand, you won’t be disappointed! Not to mention, if you are scared to shop online, they will have a store front opening in April 2017.

Have a wonderful weekend!
Xoxo Sammie