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Boxycharm: July 2018

There have been a ton of changes in my life over the last month, some good and some not so great. Either way, its been a little rough. However, one thing I can always look forward to each month is my Boxycharm. This month’s theme was summer road trip and all of the products were curated around that. This month’s box contained five products with multiple possible variations.

If you are unfamiliar with Boxycharm, it is a monthly makeup subscription box. In my opinion, it is the best out there. Each month you will receive 5-6 full sized makeup and/or skin care products all for only $21. Even better? They often include big name and really popular brands and products. You can sign up or read more about it here.

The first variable item in this month’s box is the Fuego Palette from Crown Brush ($30). Unfortunately for me, mine came in with two shades broken. Though, I will say, Boxycharm got back to be super quickly and they are sending me a replacement palette.

As far as the shadows go, they are pretty. The palette has warm tones with 5 shimmer and 5 matte shades. I found the colors to be buildable and didn’t really have trouble with blending. They lasted okay, though tended to fade throughout the day. Overall, if you wear warm toned shadows a lot then you will probably love this palette.

The second variable item I got in my Boxycharm was the Bright On Mask from Farmacy Beauty ($38). So, at first I was super disappointed to get this mask. I really wanted to get the Dr Brandt eye cream (more on that later). I wasn’t expecting a whole lot from this mask, but I am happy to say I was wrong.

First, it is my favorite colors. When it comes out of the bottle it is lavender and then turns mint green as you massage it onto your face. The mask has “the formula brightens and detoxes by removing buildup and impurities to visibly improve the appearance of texture and tone.” I have to say this is all true. I had a ton of tiny bumps on my forehead that I couldn’t get rid of. I did this mask for 10 minutes, used my Clarisonic afterwards and the bumps all went away! This is now a favorite product and I will be adding it into my routine.


The next item in my Boxycharm was the Wander Beauty Unlashed Mascara ($24). I was super excited because the only other item I have tried from Wander Beauty were their lipsticks.  Naturally, my lashes are long, fairly black and full. Usually, I prefer them to be curled and have a more fluttery appearance. For me, this mascara gave me everything I wanted. It held my lash curl all day, didn’t flake off and the formula didn’t clump on my lashes. My lashes were so wispy and fluttery. Honestly, I am obsessed.

Along with the eyeshadow palette and mascara, we also received a cute little travel brow pomade from Chella ($26). I think that the packaging of the product is pretty ingenious. It is so small and would take up no room in your makeup bag. Sadly, it just wasn’t my favorite item. I think the brush is too big and flexible to really work well with the formula. I say to just ignore the brush it comes with a use a smaller, stiffer angled brush.

The final item in my Boxycharm this month a Note Cosmetics blush in Desert Rose ($11). Not only is this blush inexpensive and available at Ulta, but I actually really love the formula. I will say, use a light hand because this formula is PIGMENTED. That being said, it blended beautifully and looked flawless on the skin. I am definitely going to order a couple more shades.


As I mentioned earlier, I really wanted the Dr Brandt No More Baggage eye cream ($42). Luckily, I am part of an awesome group on Facebook where I was able to pick up this product so cheap. My only hope now is that Boxycharm will add this item to their charms shop because I love it. I love to wear it by itself and under makeup. I feel it just helps to counteract darkness and really helps me to appear more awake. If I can’t get it from the charm shop, I already know I will be picking it up with my next Ulta coupon.

I am in love. Seriously, even if you only count the products that I absolutely love, my box still has a value of $72 for the blush, mask and mascara. I can’t think of a time where I was totally disappointed with my Boxycharm. Even if you do not love every single product, it is still worth the $21 to me just to be able to play with new brands and gift things I do not want.

Before I go, I just have to share a few sneak peeks from next month’s Boxycharm. I am a part of the Boxycharm Beauties group on Facebook and we get sneak peeks all the time straight from Boxycharm’s CEO. So far, next month we will be getting 6 products. These will include a Lippy from Smashbox as well as the new Party Animal palette ($19)  from Laura Lee Los Angeles! I am so excited!!!

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