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MakeUp Revolution: Golden Bar Palette Review

I hope you had a wonderful Valentine’s Day! I know for me, the only thing that is better than getting chocolate, is getting new makeup. Recently, I picked up the Makeup Revolution Golden Bar Palette ($15) from Ulta and I was so excited! The colors looks right up my alley and the box states that it was a mix of matte and shimmer shadows, which is ideal for me for traveling. 

To start, that packaging is adorable! Not only is it a sturdy plastic, but it looks like a chocolate bar that has been dipped in gold! So stunning! I also really appreciate the fact that finger prints don’t show terribly on the outside.

Now for the important part: what’s inside the palette. To start, you get a full sized mirror, which is fantastic. There is also an applicator included, but I did not find it useful and just tossed it. 

There are 16 different shadows, which is a great selection. Now here is my biggest problem, thought there claims to be some matte shades, every single shade has some shimmer or shine. So, unfortunately, this would not be the best palette to travel with if you are only wanting to take one. As for the colors, they are beautiful. My favorites are the second two rows, as I feel the lighter colored shadows are not as pigmented.

Overall, I really like this palette. You will definitly need another matte palette to create a compelete look, but the shimmers included are great with minimal fallout. For only $15, this is definitly a fun addition to any collection.

I hope you have a wonderful day!

Xoxo Sammie