Dose of Colors: Snow Angels

I have always been a colorful person, as in I once painted my entire room lime green and bright blue. While I may not exactly go for that color scheme now, I still love playing with color in my daily life. Some of my favorite colors are gem tones, especially blues and purples. When I first saw the Dose of Colors Snow Angels palette, I knew I had to have it in my collection.

The Snow Angels palette features 5 matte shades with a mix of pink, purple and blue. There is also a mirror and brush included. The palette is a special holiday release for 2018 and is listed as limited edition. Originally, it was $32 however it is currently on sale at Ulta for $19.20.

All shades in this palette are matte. Here are some swatches:

Cashmere- mauve greige
Pretty Bold- violet fuchsia
Berry Cold- magenta purple
Zero Degrees- cobalt blue
Thin Ice- navy blue

When putting shadows to the test, I feel the best way is by doing an actual eye look. I created two different, matte looks utilizing all of the shades in this palette. For each of these looks, I did use the Ulta eyeshadow base.

Blue Ice

For the first look, I went for a navy smokey eye. I stared with a little of Cashmere in the crease. Then, I packed Thin Ice on the outer corner and blended it out with a little of Zero Degrees. After blending, I packed Zero Degrees all over the lid and blended everything together. I placed both Thin Ice and Zero Degrees on the lower lashline and finished the look with Anastasia Blue Ice on the inner corner and brow bone.

Berry Beautiful

This second look is my personal favorite! I stared with Cashmere in the crease, followed by Pretty Bold. Then, I packed Berry Cold all over the lid and blended it out with Pretty Bold. I also added these two colors on the lower lashline. Once everything’s blended, I drew a wing with NYX white shadow base and then packed Zero Degrees on top. Everything is finished with the NYX highlighter in Pop n’ Rock (from Sugar Trip advent calendar) on the inner corner and brow bone.

I am honestly so impressed by the Snow Angels palette! This matte formula is beautiful and blends so well. Plus, I find this color story to be so unique and inspiring. I will say, if you want Zero Degrees to show up as a bright cobalt, use a white base beneath it. The Snow Angels palette  would be perfect to travel with and I actually really love the brush it came with. I truly think this palette is worth it, and even more so that it is now on sale. Definitely pick it up before it is gone!

Have you tried these mini palettes from Dose of Colors?

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