Pür Cosmetics x The Grinch

One of my all time favorite Christmas movies is The Grinch. I even visited the set while at Universal Studios California. Dr. Seuss had such an imagination and his books always inspire me. When Pür Cosmetics announced they were going to collaborate with The Grinch movie, I was so excited!

Then people started posting images of The Grinch Good Enough To Steal Face Palette I was shocked, the packaging was stunning! Included in this palette are 2 glitter, 2 matte, and 6 shimmer shadows as well as a blush and a highlighter.

This palette is so unique, not just because of the packaging, but because of the variety of formulas included.

  • Feeling Frosty Highlighter- golden shimmer 
  • Heart Of A Who Blush- rose matte
  • Cave- muted neutral matte
  • MAAAAX!- champagne shimmer 
  • Sly One- crimson matte 
  • Leave Now- charcoal shimmer
  • Who Cares- green shimmer
  • Loathe- gold shimmer
  • Cindy-Lou Who- red shimmer
  • Booorring!- dark brown chocolate shimmer
  • Mr. Grinch- emerald glitter
    Naughty- ruby rose glitter
  • Bare Lips
  • Here is the Moody lip balm. It is green in the tube and transforms into a medium rose pink on the lips.

    Here are three looks I created using only the shades provided in the palette.

    Crease: Cave and Booorring! Outer Corner: Booorring! Lid: Loathe Lower Lashline: Cave and Booorring! Inner Corner: Who Cares and Feeling Frosty Winged Liner: Mr. Grinch

    Crease: Sly One Outer Corner: Leave Now Lid: Cindy-Lou Who and Naughty Lower Lashline: Sly One and Leave Now Inner Corner: Maaaax!

    Feelin’ Grinchy
    • Eyes- Crease: Cave and Booorring! Outer Corner: Booorring! Lid: Who Cares Lower Lashline: Cave and Booorring! Inner Corner: Maaaax!
    • Highlight- Feeling Frosty
    • Blush- Heart of Who
    • Lips- Moody lip balm

    The packaging for the collection is so beautiful and special! Honestly, it is what caught my eye in the first place.

    However, the packaging is also a little inconvenient. The palette it located inside a box and has to be slid out of the outer packaging to be used. Once you get to the product, again it is really pretty but not perfect. My first issue is that there are only two matte shades: a light brown and a crimson red. Luckily, I was able to use Booorring! and Leave Now in my crease because the shimmer mostly blends away. Besides that, I really like these colors. Although, I did have to use the NYX Glitter Primer for the two glitter shades.

    As for the face products, the highlight and blush were both pretty. Although the highlighter is a little glittery. Finally, the lip balm is a pretty color, but I feel like the color does not fit well with the eye shadows in this palette.

    Overall, I like this palette and I am glad to have it in my collection. That being said, I do not think this is a must have. I would keep an eye on it and pick it up when it goes on sale after Christmas. 

    What is your favorite Christmas movie?

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