Date Box: Unity

I don’t know about you, but here in Colorado it is definitely feeling like fall. We have already had snow… TWICE! As much as I love fall with its pretty foliage, spiced drinks and delicious food, I am not a fan of winter. Other than Christmas, I find winter to be too cold and drab. For my husband and I, it seems like we fall into a little bit of a date rut. We are always following the same routine, especially when it comes to date night. Its too cold to be outdoors much so we go to the mall, have dinner, see a movie, and repeat. Thanks to Date Box, I don’t think we will be falling into that date rut this year.

Date Box: Welcome To Your Date

Date Box is a monthly subscription box, but so different from the typical makeup, gaming or food box. In one small box, they send you almost everything you need for a perfect date night at home. Each date also comes with a curated Spotify playlist! When our first Date Box arrived, I was so stoked! Upon opening it, I found it had everything we needed to have the perfect fall date night

Our box came with popcorn kernels, sugar, apple cider mix, a caramel apple kit and a cruise ship escape room game. Everything we needed was right there, minus the apples. I ran off to the store, picked up a few Granny Smith apples and anxiously awaited our date night.

Along with all the items for the date, you also get a cute little book. This book contains all the instructions you may need for you and your partner to do all of the date activities. Our booklet came with instructions for popcorn, caramel apples as well as some ways to spice up the apple cider packets. Even more interesting are all of the fun questions! The booklet contains questions you can ask to get to know someone as well as conversation starters. We have been married for almost three years now, and we still had a ball going through the questions and conversation starters.

When it came to making the snacks for the date, it was fairly easy and something we enjoyed doing together. Not to mention the apples, popcorn and cider were delicious! Although, I have to say, our apples were not pretty. We tried so hard, but I have no idea how people get the caramel to actually stick to the apples! I swear, if you can make insta worthy caramel apples, you are magic. Either way, they were yummy and we enjoyed every bite.

After starting the music and enjoying the snacks and conversation, it was time for the game. The booklet came with all of the instructions needed for the escape room and everything was pretty straight forward. I’ll admit, the escape room wasn’t easy! Luckily, we finished in time, but man did a few steps take awhile! We are super competitive and it was fun to find something were we could be competitive while on the same team.

I think this box is so much fun! Honestly, even though this box was sent to me for free, I have already purchased an additional six months! Make sure to check back in December to see our next Date Box!

If you would like to give it a try, you can use the discount code SCHOKOR50 to get half off your first box.

Also, check out my Instagram for a fun giveaway from Date Box running from November 11th till the 18th. Everyone who signs up for Date Box during this time will be entered into a giveaway to win two round trip plan tickets to anywhere in the US!

Is this a subscription you would try?