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Picture this: You’ve been traveling all day and finally make it to your hotel room. You’re exhausted and all you want to do is crash. You know you should really take off your makeup so you dig through your suitcase only to find that you forgot your makeup remover or even worse it exploded all over you bag. Sounds like a total headache right? Well I may have found the answer: the Makeup Eraser.

I can’t tell you how many times I have been in a similar situation, or just completely forgot my makeup remover altogether. This actually happened in Malaysia and I remember trying to scrub it off with a towel and hotel soap because I had no idea where to go to purchase some micellar water.

My first thought when I heard about the Makeup Eraser was how silly it seemed. To me, it looked like it was just a microfiber cloth. I couldn’t understand how it would remove all my makeup and there was no way I was going to pay $20 for something that would likely cause me to breakout. Well, I was in Sephora last week and in the mood to shop. I saw this adorable summer edition Makeup Eraser and finally figured I would give it a try. I mean, whats there to loose? Sephora has an awesome return policy!

Beyond looking cute, the Makeup Eraser is super soft. Like, way softer than any microfiber cloth or towel I have ever felt. I read that you are supposed to wash it first, so I threw it in the laundry and headed off to work on a pop art makeup look for a contest.

As you can see, my pop art look included a ton of makeup. To be exact I wore: KVD Lock It Foundation, Tarte Shape Tape concealer, Too Faced liquid liner, Pretty Vulgar Gel Liner, NYX white liquid liner, Tattoo Junkie liquid lip and Butter London mascara. Like I said, it was a ton of makeup with some pretty heavy duty lasting power.

The instructions state to just wet the Makeup Eraser and wipe it on your face. Check out this little video to see it in action:

I’m shocked to say, but it works! Not only that, but it was almost perfect. I went over my face with micellar water after using the Makeup Eraser and there was just the tiniest bit of residue left over. The next time I did my makeup, I used my regular face wash afterward the Makeup Eraser and it removed all residue without issue.

The Makeup Eraser worked really well! Honestly, I think this would be perfect for traveling! I will say, I have to kind of tug to remove eye makeup but I fixed the issue by letting the wet Makeup Eraser sit on my eye for a minute before wiping.


I was concerned, thinking the makeup would stain the cute eraser. Luckily, after washing and drying it, there is not a stitch of makeup left. Even all of the red lipstick is gone!

Not only is this product cute, but it really works! I am totally going to be traveling with it. Even better? It will last forever, up to 1000 washes! Crazy right? Oh, I almost forgot to mention each removal takes approximately 1/3 of the Makeup Eraser. That means you can use it three times between washes (unless you are removing some heavy duty or costume makeup).

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