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Kathleenlights x Colourpop: The Zodiac

????Twinkle, twinkle, little star. How I wonder what you are…???? Every since I was a little girl, I have loved the stars. I remember counting stars at night when I couldn’t sleep and the first time my husband told me he loved me was while star gazing. I find them so mysterious and have always been intrigued by star charts and the zodiac. While I may not be an expert, I find the idea that our personalities are actually written in the stars to be so romantic.

When I first saw The Zodiac collection by Kathleenlights and Colourpop, I felt so inspired. At first, the colors seemed a little jumbled but I quickly knew I wanted to create looks based off of the birth charts of those I love. While I didn’t pick up the entire collection, I managed to grab the palette, both lipsticks and a supernova shadow.

Scorpio Moon 

For The Zodiac collection, Kathleen created two new lipstick shades using the Colourpop Creme Lux formula. The first shade, What’s Your Sign? ($7), is a light neutral nude. Scorpio Moon ($7), the second shade, is a plummy rose.

Both of these lipsticks are stunning. They are both creamy and pigmented. However, I find that they fade in the center of my lips. These would be amazing to layer over the top of a matching liner. Personally, Scorpio Moon is my new favorite lippie.

The second part of my purchase from the Zodiac collection were the eyeshadows.  I picked up The Zodiac Palette ($18) and the Supernova Shadow in Constellation ($7). The Supernova Shadows are metallic liquid eyeshadows and the palette contains 12 pressed eyeshadows. I created four looks, some based on star birth charts and others just because I liked the colors.

Samantha: ♈️(Based on my birth chart) Outer Corner- Sagittarius, Lid- Aries, Lower Lashline- Aquarius, Inner Corner- Supernova Shadow in Constellation

Mike: ♌️(Based on my husband’s birth chart) Based Shadow: Capricorn, Center Lid: Leo, Inner Corner: Cancer

Sultry Scorpio: Crease and Lower Lashline- Libra, Lid- Scorpio, Inner Corner- Gemini

Poppin’ Pisces: Outer Corner- Virgo, Lid and Lower Lashline- Taurus, Inner Corner and Wing- Pisces

Samantha and Scorpio Moon

I am so impressed with the Kathleenlights x Colourpop: The Zodiac collection. First of all, the packaging is STUNNING! Seriously, I am in love with the navy blue and metallic stars with zodiac symbols. The eyeshadow palette is not only visually beautiful but also contains a good sized mirror.

Poppin’ Pisces and What’s Your Sign

While the palette is stunning, the shadows are just okay. If you have oily eyelids, they will wear of quickly. Otherwise, they blend nicely and can be built up to be quite pigmented. The lipsticks are beautiful and so comfortable to wear and the Supernova Shadow is amazing. Overall, I really love this collection. It is well priced and super fun to play with and display. I am definitely considering picking up the other Supernova Shadow and one of the zodiac highlighters.

What’s your sign?