Storybook Cosmetics x Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

If you haven’t heard of Storybook Cosmetics, they are one of my absolute favorite makeup brands. All of their products are themed around different childhood stories and classic novels. Honestly, their whole aesthetic is what a book lover’s dreams are made of. Previously, I have reviewed the Wizardry and Witchcraft Palette (based on Harry Potter) and the Rose Face Brushes (inspired by Beauty and the Beast). Today, I am excited to tell you all about another palette from Storybook Cosmetics based on the novel Charlie and the Chocolate Factory by Roald Dahl.

Where as the Wizardry and Witchcraft Palette is more smokey, the Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Palette is full of 12 bright, fun colors. The names are also based off of different things found in the novel and movie. How cute is that?! To top it all off, the palette itself is made to look like a book, includes beautiful watercolor drawings and has a large, clear mirror.

In the palette there are 7 pure matte shadows, 2 matte shadows with glitter, two metallic shadows and 1 frost shadow.

Here are the shades, as described by Storybook Cosmetics:

Charlie Bucket: marshmallow fluff (frost),

♥ Snozzberries: orange berry (matte)

Augustus Gloop: milk chocolate river (matte)

♥ Mike Teavee: teal jellybean (matte)

♥ Willy Wonka: purple crushed velvet (metallic)

Oompa Loompa: orange-sickle (matte)

♥ Fizzy Lifting Drink: golden bubbly (matte with glitter)

Veruca Salt: vanilla saltwater taffy (matte)

Everlasting Gobstopper: bubblegum pink (matte)

Violet Beauregarde: berry violet (matte with glitter)

Wonka Bar: dark chocolate (matte)

Golden Ticket: gold foil (metallic)

***Any shade with a ♥ indicates that it is a personal favorite of mine

To really put the shadows to the test, as well as see how the color story works together, I created three separate looks using only the shadows in the Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Palette. I did not use any type of glitter glue and any metallic or glitter shadows were applied with a small flat brush, dampened with setting spray.


Pink Lemonade

Base: Veruca Salt; Crease: Everlasting Gobstopper; Lid and Lower Lash Line: Fizzy Lifting Drink; Inner Corner and Brow Bone: Charlie Bucket

Wonka Bar

Transition: Oompa Loompa and Snozzberries; Crease: Violet Beauregarde; Lid: Willy Wonka; Lower Lashline: Oompa Loompa, Snozzberries, and Willy Wonka; Inner Corner and Brow Bone: Charlie Bucket

Jellybean Chocolate

Base: Veruca Salt; Transition: Augustus Gloop; Outer V: Wonka Bar; Lid and Lower Lash Line: Golden Ticket; Inner Corner and Brow Bone: Charlie Bucket; Winged Liner: Mike Teavee on top of NYX white shadow base

I am very impressed with this palette. All of the shades I used blended beautifully and performed well. I will say, Veruca Salt (the white matte shadow) isn’t the most pigmented and I would have preferred a shade other than white. Also, I am not normally a fan of matte shadows with glitter in them however I LOVE Fizzy Lifting Drink. It is such a fun, unique shade and is a perfect color for spring and summer.

I am in love with all of my Storybook Cosmetics products and the Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Palette is no exception. I cannot wait to continue to experiment with all the fun colors in this palette as well as crack open their Mean Girls palette. If you love Willy Wonka, or you are just a fan of the color story, I definitely recommend picking up this palette. It can be purchased directly from Storybook Cosmetics for $55 and 10% of all Roald Dahl income goes to their charity partners.

Have you purchased anything from Storybook Cosmetics?