Storybook Cosmetics: Wizardry and Witchcraft Palette

If you are part of the beauty community on any social platform, chances are you’ve heard about Storybook Cosmetics. They first shot to fame with their Harry Potter Wand inspired eye brushes. Their designs are based off of the stories we loved growing up and still cherish. The company is run by three sisters and is a fairly new indie brand. Their designs are so special and truly fascinating. The only downside? As of right now, items have to be preordered. So, when I saw this palette go on presale back in February, I snagged it.

Fast forward to May and it was finally here! It came wrapped in this beautiful brown bag and their business card is a bookmark. How cute is that?!

The packaging of the actual palette is stunning! It is the same shape and size of a typical book and would look beautiful on any vanity or desk.

Not only is the packaging right up my alley, but the colors all swatched really well! Each is done with just one swipe and without primer. Here are the colors, top to bottom, as described by Storybook Cosmetics:

Broomstick: rusty brown (matte), Sorcerer: ruby red (metallic), Cloak: graphite grey (matte), Potions: emerald green (metallic), Prophecy: pearly white (pearl), Salem: frosted pewter (pearl), Merlin: sapphire blue (metallic), Bewitched: coppery gold (metallic), Cauldron: charcoal black (frost), Spell Book: rich mahogany (pearl), Charms: shell pink (matte) and Jinx: shimmering silver (metallic).

I created two different looks here, so as to show you how pigmented the shades are and how well they blend.

For the first look, I wanted to do something that you could wear every day. I started with using Prophecy as a base. Then, I went in with Charms as my transition shade followed by Sorcerer in the crease and then took a little bit of Broomstick to deepen the crease further. For the lid I used Bewitched and for the lower lashline I went back in with Charms and Sorcerer. The look is finished with a little bit of Jinx on the inner corner.


For the second look, I wanted to go with something fun and smokey. I started, again, with Prophecy as my base. For the crease, I went in with Cloak and then took Cauldron all over the lid and blended it into the crease slightly. Once everything is blended out, I went with Potions all over the lid, right on top of Cauldron. I used Cloak to smoke out the lower lash line and then went in with a little bit of Potions right on lashes. The look is finished off with a little Jinx on the inner corner.

Overall, I was really impressed by this palette. I was a little nervous because I had seen a couple swatches that were not that great. However, I found each shade to be beautiful, blendable and pigmented. I will say, for most people, this is not going to be an everyday palette. It also retails for $52, which isn’t inexpensive. That being said, if you are a makeup junkie who is also a book worm, then this is the perfect palette for you.

Are there any products from Storybook Cosmetics that you have been dying to try?

Let me know!

Xoxo Sammie