Subscription Box

Boxycharm: June 2017

Just when I feel like I am ready to stop my Boxycharm subscription, they pull me back in with another great box. If you are unfamiliar with Boxycharm, it is a makeup subscription box where you get 5 full sized products every month for only $21! If you’d like more information, you can check out their site here.

I was a little frustrated with Boxycharm at the beginning of this month. I never seem to get my boxes as early as others, plus they sent the first box to my old address even though I had updated it on their website the previous month. That being said, they were very quick to respond to my inquiry and a replacement box was sent to my new address. I actually received it quicker than the box sent to the wrong address (thanks fedex tracking!) Thankfully, this box was so good, it made up for the hassle and the being late.

The first items in the box were 3 sheet masks from Biobelle Cosmetics and they retail for $4.99 a piece. I received one to prime for makeup, one to hydrate the skin and one to enhance the skin’s natural glow. Now, I really love sheet masks so this was super exciting. I decided to start with the hydrating #BeautySecret mask. I put it in the freezer for about 5 minutes so that the coolness would help sooth and depuff. These masks are VERY saturated in serum. Some may be turned off by that, but I love it. Instead of the standard 15 minutes, I like to keep sheet masks on until they start to dry. I just feel that helps me to get the most benefit from the mask. So I left it on for about an hour. When I took it off,  my skin was a little tacky, so I massaged the left over serum in for a minute and then rinsed off the residue. Let me just say, my skin was left feeling so soft and supple. I can’t wait to try the other masks.

The second item was a 9 pan eyeshadow palette from RealHer and it retail for $28.00. There were three different palettes and I received Volume I. This palette is more warm toned and consists of mostly shimmer shadows. I really did enjoy it, but would have preferred if Fine (white shimmer) had been a matte. Strong (matte brown) made a beautiful crease shade and I was really in love with Proud and Creative for all over the lid. Smart (matte black) was also a really nice shade to deepen the crease and smoke things out. We had previously received a RealHer liquid lip that I was not a fan off, but this palette is not bad. I would definitely pick it up if it were on sale for $20.

Boxycharm really likes to give products that go together. This month it was a loose highlighter and a highlighting brush. The brush is the Rose Gold Pro Precision Tapered Face Brush 640 by Luxie Beauty and retails for $24. This brush is so soft and beautiful! However, I think it would be better for setting concealer or to use with a very pigmented blush or bronzer. Also, you can get 20% off your first order from Luxie by signing up with your email.

The highlighter is the Artist Couture Diamond Glow Powder in Illuminati which retails for $26.99. Let me just say, this powder will having you glowing like no other! It has a light silver and champagne iridescence that is so beautiful and flattering. The only thing that I dislike is how glittery it is. You really have to buff it into the skin and even then you will have some fallout. It is so pretty though and would look great on the body or eyes.

One brand that is always being hyped up is Ofra. I was so excited to finally get the chance to try out a product from them. In my box, I received the Ofra Liquid Lipstick in Santa Ana. These retail for $19.90 but you can get 30% off of your purchase with the code Boxy30. The website describes this as “a berry rose and universally flattering pink shade with a hydrating matte finish.” I have to say, I agree with all of that. This formula is definitely a comfortable matte. But don’t be fooled, it is not transfer proof and it doesn’t dry down all the way. That being said, it is long wearing. It fades beautifully and is easy to reapply and layer. The formula is one of my new favorites and I can’t wait to try more.

That’s all that I got in this month’s box. Even though it took a while to get here, I am so happy with what I got. I can’t wait to see what will be coming next month.

What would you like to see included in the next Boxycharm?

Xoxo Sammie