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Storybook Cosmetics Book Club: Little Women

Three of my absolute favorite things in the world are coffee, books and makeup. When those things all come together, I am one happy girl. I’ve talked about them before, but Storybook Cosmetics is my dream company. They create makeup designed by books, movies and fandoms we love. When they mentioned that they were going to start a monthly “book club” with an eyeshadow palette based off of a different book each month, I knew I needed in. It took a few months longer than expected, but it is finally here. Our first book club subscription box is based off of Little Women by Louisa May Alcott.

Before jumping to the review, lets go over the basics. The subscription costs $24.99 a month plus shipping. Each month, there is going to be a mini eyeshadow palette with three full-sized, limited edition eyeshadows and one full sized lip product. You can check out the site for more information or to subscribe, here.

Here are swatches of all the products included in the Little Women Book Club Palette.

Meg- a light green satin
Beth- a brown matte shadow with a hint of olive green
Amy- a mid tone pink metallic
Jo- a purple mauve matte liquid lipstick

I enjoy trying to create eyeshadow looks using only the colors in one palette. Here are three looks utilize Meg, Beth and Amy from the Little Women Palette


Beth: I started with blending Beth on the lid, in the crease and on the lower lashline. Next, I created a wing with the NXY glitter primer and topped it with Amy. Finished the look with Meg on the inner corner topped with Clover from the ABH Moonchild Palette.


Amy: Start by placing Amy on the outer half of the eye and Meg on the inner half. Blend into the crease and mirror on the lower lashline. Finish with Meg on the inner corner topped with Clover from ABH Moonchild Palette.


Meg: Blend Beth into the crease. Cut crease of the inner 2/3 of lid with NYX white base and top with Meg. Darken outer 1/3 of lid with Beth. Blend Amy on the lower lashline. Finish with Pink Heart from ABH Moonchild Palette on the inner corner.

Not going to lie, when I first saw the colors of this palette I was a little disappointed. They seemed so light and springy. However, the more I played with it the more inspired I became. In the end, I have really enjoyed using this palette.

The shadows all blended really nicely. The only one that was a little tricky was Meg. It just took a little to build it up to full color. I also really love the liquid lipstick color, but find it a bit drying. I think it is perfect when topped with a gloss.

Overall, I am so excited to see what the coming months will bring for this subscription box. Know what I think would be so fun? To create an actual book club instagram where we could read the featured book, talk about it, and share our looks we create with the palette.

What books would you like to see turned into an eyeshadow palette?

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